Bill Gates's Hidden Dreams of Geoengineering Revealed

The Microsoft chairman, it turns out, has a small history of dabbling in climate-altering schemes

Bill Gates has already proven his interest in geoengineering schemes with his earlier co-patent filing for reducing the intensity of killer hurricanes. So perhaps we're not too surprised that Science Insider has dug up the Microsoft chairman's past projects on altering the Earth's climate, ranging from filtering carbon dioxide to reflecting sunlight via brighter clouds.

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Exclusive: Inside Project Natal's Brain

The artificial intelligence behind Microsoft's Xbox 360 motion-sensing game controller

It Sees You:  Microsoft
Deep in Microsoft's lairs, the Xbox 360 team is working on more than just a new video-game system. They're actually trying to solve an incredibly difficult problem in artificial intelligence. Their prototype Project Natal lets you control a game just with your body movements—no buttons or Wii-like wands—by watching you with a 3-D video camera. Sounds simple enough, but most cameras just snap images without having any idea what they're looking at. To make Natal work, Microsoft has to teach its camera to understand what it sees.

Here at CES, Microsoft announced last night that Natal will go on sale "by the holidays." Before the show, we were given an exclusive look at the smarts that make Natal tick.

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Microsoft's Mobicast Stitches Together Multiple Cell Phone Videos in Real Time

If and Kate Moss have taught us anything, it’s that there’s a lot of cell phone video footage out there. Unlike and Kate Moss, researchers at Microsoft’s Labs in Cairo, Egypt are doing something cool with all that content , combining feeds from multiple phones capturing the same scene into multi-angle, live online broadcasts.

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Microsoft 'Cool-Tether' Combines Multiple Smartphones into High-Speed Hotspot

Tethering your phone's data connection to your laptop (and the fact that the iPhone can’t do it – thanks AT&T) is all the rage right now, but despite the convenience of the mobile Web, such connections are still comparatively unreliable. But the geeks over at Microsoft Research have come up with Cool-Tether--a seemingly obvious, yet novel way to pool multiple cellular data connections into a single, faster and more reliable Wi-Fi hotspot that can be shared by all.

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Bing + Yahoo!7 + Rupert Murdoch = ?

Microsoft positions its Bing search engine against Google

Australia’s Competition and Consumer Commission yesterday gave Microsoft its blessing to integrate Yahoo!7 Search into its own search engine, Bing. The partnership is reportedly part of a 10-year deal between the two companies in whch Yahoo will handle advertising for both companies.

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Video: Microsoft Demonstrates Next-Gen Interface, with Motion Sensing and Eye Tracking

A transparent glass display adds touchless gestures and eye-tracking to human-computer interaction

Pen and voice input for computers is so early-millennium. Now Microsoft has created a next-gen computer concept that includes touchless gestures and eye-tracking, and has taken the device on a college tour with chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie.

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Happy 40th Birthday, Internet! Five Milestones in the Ever-Evolving History of the Web

Your Daddies: A group of BBN programmers, the builders of Arpanet.
Yes, hard to believe, but it was 40 years ago today that the first two nodes of what would become Arpanet connected, thus beginning the Internet As We Know It. In the ensuing four decades, the Internet would change our world as profoundly as radio and the printing press had before it. So to celebrate, we’ve compiled five milestones in the Internet's young life.

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Muscle-Based PC Interface Lets You Literally Point and Click, No Mouse Required

A research collaboration between Microsoft, the University of Washington and the University of Toronto is developing a muscle-controlled interface enabling Minority Report-esque, gesture-driven interaction with computers. It's perhaps the most promising of the billion or so Minority-Report-aspiring prototype interfaces.

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Video: Play Dungeons and Dragons on Microsoft's Surface Table

Carnegie Mellon students give tabletop gaming a futuristic makeover with Microsoft's multi-touch technology

Dungeon masters with deep, dark pockets no longer need imagine how the venerable tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons might play on a futuristic multi-touch platform. Six students at Carnegie Mellon University recently released a video showing off their D&D concept for Microsoft's Surface Table, complete with a storyboard slideshow and rolling the virtual 20-sided die.

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Video: Microsoft Multitouch Mice Demo’d

You’ve seen the theory, now you can see the practical side

Earlier this week we brought you the news of Microsoft’s prototype multitouch mice. For those unaware, Windows 7 is set to be the first major operating system to support multitouch capabilities. This means that PCs using the soon-to-be-released operating system will be able to support hardware that utilises more than single digit-capable hardware that’s currently the standard (i.e. computer mice).

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Microsoft Hints at Project Natal Cost

The standard corporate vernacular or something more?

Microsoft’s much-hyped motion control technology, Project Natal, may well be quite a way off still but they’re already thinking about cost. Traditionally, Xbox-related peripherals have been criticised for their comparatively high costs; a tradition that is likely to continue with the recent announcement of the $100USD cost for the soon-to-be-released 802.11n wireless adapter.

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Five New Microsoft Mouse Prototypes Tackle Multitouch, Look Crazy

By now you know the Windows 7 line, but in case you've somehow missed it: it's the first major computer operating system to support multitouch, meaning it (like an iPhone) can read more than one finger press at a time. Of course, in order to take advantage of touch, you need to upgrade your hardware -- for a premium price, naturally.

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A Week With the Zune HD: 5 Things I Love (and 5 Reasons I'm Keeping My iPod)

Can Microsoft's new player replace "the funnest iPod ever"? I took a week to find out for myself.

Is Apple unstoppable? If it is, the Zune HD has long appeared to be the best shot at unseating the MP3-player kingpin. Knowing that, when a Zune landed at PopSci HQ, we had to see if such a thing could actually be true.

For a week, I split my commute between a Zune HD and a brand new iPod touch (my fourth Apple player). These are the high- (and low-) lights of my week with the Zune HD.

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Augmented Google Earth Gets Real-Time People, Cars, Clouds

Researchers from Georgia Tech have devised methods to take real-time, real-world information and layer it onto Google Earth, adding dynamic information to the previously sterile Googlescape.

They use live video feeds (sometimes from many angles) to find the position and motion of various objects, which they then combine with behavioral simulations to produce real-time animations for Google Earth or Microsoft Virtual Earth.

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Project Pink Pictures Leak

Pictures of Microsoft’s new model phone make their way online

Secrecy is important when it comes to the big hitters of any industry. Timing is also a crucial factor when unveiling a particular product to an eager market. So when Microsoft’s cards that have been quite close to its proverbial chest start to leak online, both secrecy and timing are thrown to the wind.

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