Bing + Yahoo!7 + Rupert Murdoch = ?

Microsoft positions its Bing search engine against Google

Australia’s Competition and Consumer Commission yesterday gave Microsoft its blessing to integrate Yahoo!7 Search into its own search engine, Bing. The partnership is reportedly part of a 10-year deal between the two companies in whch Yahoo will handle advertising for both companies.

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A Cool Way to Wii-Charge your Wii-Motes

Less battery clutter thanks to wireless recharge for Wii controllers

Energizer’s Power & Play package wirelessly recharges the batteries in Nintendo’s Wii remote controllers, spelling the end for one of the most annoying things about the novel games machine: Having to replace the AA-sized batteries every time they run out. And if you’re a casual gamer who only picks up a game a couple of times a month – which is the majority of Wii owners – that probably means having to replace the batteries every second time you decide to switch the machine on.

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The Horror: Life-Like Baby Made Into Wii Controller

Halloween's not over yet, folks. Nintendo ups the creepy game applications with a crying Wiimote-powered doll

People who hate creepy kids and Halloween aren't out of the woods yet. A new Wii-exclusive Baby and Me arrives just in time for the holiday season, so that every Nintendo-loving household can stick a wiimote in an anatomically correct doll's back to rock it lovingly via accelerometer and hear its gurgles, giggles and wails through a tinny Wiimote speaker.

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Are Wii Balance Boards the Future of Airport Security?

Researchers use fun game controllers as part of $20 million effort to screen airport passengers

Airport screening technology has turned to an unusual accessory -- the Nintendo Wii balance board -- to identify fidgety, nervous passengers who might have explosives or illegal items concealed on their persons. Or they could have had a long day and just don't want to stand still.

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First Ever Video Game Census Finds Minority Characters Underrepresented

Name: Mario. Age: 28. Profession: Plumber. Ethnicity: White. Anyone who has played a lot of video games knows that the vast majority of characters are white males. However, a team of scientists have conducted the first ever virtual census, putting a number on the ethnicity and sex composition of video game characters, and raising questions about the psychological effects these games might have on members of the underrepresented groups.

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Miles Davis in 8-bit!

Some would say ‘don’t mess with the classics’, others, particularly those born in the 80s with a love of jazz would say ‘if you don’t you wouldn’t get this!’

Love it or hate it, no one can deny the popularity world-wide of jazz music. There’s something about it that oozes cool no matter if it’s modern masterpieces or a classic collection. But recently, Andy Baio of put a whole new spin on the jazz genre, particularly the music of Miles Davis and his 1960s album, Some Kind of Blue.

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Nintendo Patent Reveals Horseback Saddle Controller For the Wii

Wii enthusiasts could enjoy even more embarrassing flailing if this patented saddle-controller ever comes to fruition.

You can already swing a metaphorical tennis racket, do the virtual hula or drive a virtual steering wheel. So what could possibly be next for the Wii?

Why, this inflatable horseback riding saddle controller, of course. Seriously—-a saddle. To ride in your living room.

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Artificial Intelligence Software Learns to Play Super Mario Bros.

But will it find the warp zones?

Forget about beating human chess grandmasters. Now computer scientists have challenged the best AI programs to beat Nintendo's "Super Mario Bros.," and perhaps evolve along the way.

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Nintendo Ships 100,000 DSi Handhelds In 14 Weeks

Old Nick speaks of the good old days when we watched TV on boxes and wore down our sand shoes in the sunshine

It’s official: I have absolutely no understanding of the youth of today. I’ve become an old man (and I’m not yet 30). Here I was thinking that the DSi was going to stumble alongside its cheaper DS Lite brethren, but instead it’s flourished. Flourished. Turns out the boffins at Nintendo obviously know what they’re doing, considering they’ve sold 100,000 DSi units in Australia since it went on sale just 14 weeks ago. Crazy!

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CPR Certification At Home With Nintendo's Wii

Heartening or horrifying news, depending on your outlook -- the American Heart Association has pledged $50,000 in funding for a student project to develop a CPR teaching program for Nintendo's motion-controlled Wii.

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A Look at Nintendo's MotionPlus

The guys at Kotaku have a go with the Nintendo MotionPlus control a day before we head out to their Sydney launch

All day, we’ve been bringing you new impressions of Nintendo’s big holiday games, but allow us to note some little things of possible importance from our time with those titles.

Small things I observed:

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LEGO Battles Isn't Particularly Scientific, But It Will Be Damn Popular!

Nintendo DS and DSi owners, get ready for the release of the latest LEGO videogame

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Scientists confirm the obvious: Video games are no substitute for exercise

But a session on the Wii can still help a little…

Interactive sports video games such as the Nintendo Wii are better for children than conventional computer games, but do not tackle the epidemic of childhood obesity, British research shows.

The study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found that playing virtual sports such as tennis, boxing and bowling on Nintendo Wii burned more than 50 per cent more energy than playing sedentary computer games such as Xbox.

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Just Who Is Preserving Gaming History?

Old books are collected in libraries. Old art in art galleries. Old music on commercial FM radio. But what are we doing to hang onto our old games?

Old books are collected in libraries. Old art in art galleries. Old music on commercial FM radio. But what are we doing to hang onto our old games?

According to IGN AU, the depressing answer is… not much.

While there may be a bare handful of institutions around the world doing their bit to preserve the games of the past, there’s little in the way of a concerted, industry-wide effort.

Worse, writes IGN reporter and friend of Kotaku Tracey Lien, there’s absolutely nothing being done in Australia to preserve the almost-forgotten gems of our own development history.

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Wii Vitality Sensor Monitors Gamers' Heart Rates During Play

Innovative new direction for interactive play or creepy medical device disguised as a game?

Apparently Nintendo executives frequent Last year we evaluated the Wii Fit and begged for more technical ways to quantify how hard someone is working on the Wii. Yesterday, at the E3 conference, Nintendo did just that, unveiling the Wii Vitality Sensor--a finger-clip heart rate monitor add-on.

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