Jon Alain Guzik
at 07:06 AM December 1 2011
Sea Porsche
IMAGE BY Porsche
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It was a scant few years ago that we were testing the brand new 911, codenamed 997. The 997 had more power, thanks to all-new direct-injection engines and a kick-ass dual-clutch transmission with the longest name in the history of transmissions - the Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe, or, PDK for short. It was the ne plus ultra in the history of the model - for a time. That's all history, thanks to the brand-new and better than ever 2012 Porsche 911, designated the 991.

Clay Dillow
at 09:15 AM November 30 2011
The Iguana 29
IMAGE BY Eric Sander
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Amphibious vehicle designs always sounds great on paper, but in practical use they tend to sink more often than swim. It's not so much that they don't work, but that they tend to handle either land or water well, with the other being an afterthought (not to mention they solve a problem that most people simply don't have). But we'd be lying if we said the Iguana 29 didn't catch our eyes.

Rebecca Boyle
at 03:03 PM November 23 2011
Plug-in Prius The Prius plug-in hybrid makes its Japanese premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show.
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Without a doubt, the best part of an auto show is the test drive - you can sink into the cushiony driver's seat, behold the beautiful control panel, feel the steering wheel slip comfortably between your fingers. At this year's Tokyo Motor Show, that won't happen. Test drivers will sit in the back seat of an autonomous Prius, letting the car drive them around by itself. It'll probably be worth the back seat view.

Dan Nosowitz
at 09:10 AM November 23 2011
Invoked Computing, With Banana
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Researchers at the Ishikawa-Oku lab at the University of Tokyo have gone one-up on augmented reality with a system they call "invoked computing." Basically, that means computers will be embedded everywhere in your daily life, and you'll "invoke" operations, so everyday, non-computerised objects - like a banana - can be given computer-like capabilities. This is all leading up to a real-life bananaphone, obviously.

Jon Alain Guzik
at 09:13 AM November 22 2011
Rolls Royce 102EX
IMAGE BY Jon Alain Guzik

One of the highlights of the LA Auto Show was a chance to drive the Rolls Royce 102EX, a one-of-a-kind electric Phantom. Powered by two 145-kilowatt motors, one at each rear wheel, for a total of 82 metre-kilograms of torque, the 102EX has a range of about 201 kms per charge.

Danika Wilkinson
at 02:31 PM November 7 2011
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Commuting - it's something we all do, and something we all hate. While there's no way of avoiding it, these latest innovations could still make commuting just that little bit awesome.

Nick Gilbert
at 05:24 PM November 1 2011
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We like cars. We like cool heads up displays. We like jet planes. We like colour. BMW have cleverly combined these in brand new and interesting ways, by taking their 5-series heads up display, shaking it around, adding a drop more of colour, and making it available on practically its entire car lineup.

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