Verizon Droid by Motorola: The Five-Minute Review

Motorola Droid:  John Mahoney
We've talked about Android 2.0 and (virtually) walked through the new Google Maps. Now, it's for real, and it's here. Motorola's Droid has landed at PopSci HQ, and it's making good on its promises.

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Google's Turn-By-Turn Maps for Android 2.0 Kicks Pricey Nav Apps to the Curb

Hot on the heels of the Android 2.0 mobile OS release, Google's sweetening the deal: the Eclair-flavored refresh to their mapping app turns handsets into feature-rich GPS devices -- for free.

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Google Shows Off Android 2.0's Features On Video

The second version of Google's mobile OS (codenamed Eclair) borrows ideas from existing (and upcoming?) phones for an improved user experience

When we saw the Motorola Cliq and the way it married all your contacts simply in one place (a la the Palm Pre), we finally saw the light at the end of the Android tunnel. This morning, that light got even brighter with Android 2.0--the next iteration of Google's mobile software.

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Google Voice Lite Lets You Keep Your Number

So you want all the bells and whistles that come along with Google Voice: call recording, call screening, text messages via email, etc. However, after years of broadcasting your familiar digits via business cards, email footers, and crumpled cocktail napkins, you just can't bear to switch from your old cell number to a new "Google number," the requisite for taking advantage of the service. At least, it was requisite; Google is now offering a lite version of Google Voice that lets users retain their phone numbers while taking advantage of some features of Google Voice.

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Google's Android Allows Soldiers to Put Drones on Buddy List

Defense giant Raytheon has turned Google's mobile operating system into a military application

Google's Android operating system for cell phones could allow soldiers to track fellow squad members and even unmanned drones in real time on a map -- as long as the humans and robots are on their buddy list.

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Here Comes the Google Street View Trike

Google's Trike helps expand Street View beyond the usual roads and paths

Google Street View has typically depended upon camera-toting vans and cars to provide onsite visuals to Google Maps users. But a more recent addition to the wheeled fleet includes a trike pedaled by a Google employee who resembles a fit ice cream man.

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Google Working on "Smart Charging" Software for Electric Cars

The Internet giant's geniuses are working on software that'll help get electric cars juiced without stressing out the electrical grid.

Imagine millions of plug-in vehicle owners returning home from work on a hot summer day, plugging in their cars at the same time, and melting down an overtaxed, outdated, and otherwise atrophied electrical grid. But the geniuses at Google say averting a disaster scenario could be as simple as a few lines of code (well, a few more than just a few).

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Google Ad Points to New Mac Products

Solidifying some fairly fresh rumours for new iMac, Mac Mini and Macbook models

With the birth of the internet, the possibilities for rumours to be taken to a whole new level were exponential. While many may have feared that non-credible rumours could be taken to an extreme (and were definitely right in certain ways), the beauty is that a rumour rarely lasts long online before it’s solidified or disproven.

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Ask a Geek: Can I Use One Number For My Home, Work and Cellphones?

You can. And now that Google has launched its Google Voice service (, it’s free. At press time, the service was invitation-only, but when it becomes more widely available, here’s how it will work: You get a new universal phone number with your choice of area code, along with a Web-based inbox to manage your voicemail, text messages and call history.

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Chrome OS Hitting Sooner than Expected?

The rumour mill fires up once again

With the not-so-long ago release of Mac OS X Snow Leopard and the imminent release of Windows 7, operating systems are certainly a front of mind topic in the online realm. So what better way to take advantage of this topical issue than with rumours of another operating system.

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Hands On: Archos 5 Android-Based Internet Tablet

Well, now that T-Mobile's G1 has had plenty of time to rest on its Android laurels, it's apparently coming out season for the rest of the pack. The just-unveiled Archos 5 Internet Tablet mixes one part Archos with one part Android and seasons with some great GPS features to create a multi-function power-player.

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Google Explains Street View to Wary Japanese With--What Else?--Adorable Stop-Motion Animation

Google Japan's new video aims to alleviate privacy concerns among Japanese residents

Fret no longer, citizens of Japan, about Google's camera vans exposing the awkward moments of your private lives to millions via Street View. Because here, see? All that's behind its scary secrets is an impossibly adorable anthropomorphic camera truck in a wonderland of children's toys. Dawww, its bobbing camera head just snapped a photo of your car! It's so cute!

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Motorola's CLIQ Is the Android We're Looking For

The selling point of Google Android is its customizability, the ability to create a unique-looking interface that's compatible with a steady stream of apps. The trouble is, most of the Android-based handsets we've seen -- starting with T-Mobile's G1 -- have all pretty much felt the same. The just-announced Motorola CLIQ, though, is the best example (so far) of what Android is capable of.

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Prototype Phone Platform Brings Google's Android to Your Desk

Why should mobile phones get to have all the fun running advanced operating systems? The new Glass desk phone mixes one part corded, landline phone and one part Android-based internet tablet. Google's mobile Android platform and a plain old desk phone will play nice together, if and when Cloud Telecomputers' concept makes its way to market in 2010.

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Ten Computing Tasks You Won't Be Doing With Chrome OS

Death knells for the desktop operating system as we know it are exaggerated--here's why most users won't be making a total switch to Chrome OS any time soon

When Google pulled the lid off of Chrome OS last week, most of the tech world rejoiced. Our suspicions were correct! Death to the desktop OS! Yay Web 4.0! (or whichever version we’re on currently!).

But as I pored over the official Google post on Chrome, and then over the hundreds of articles providing instant analysis of the announcement, I realized just how scant the facts and details were. So, I called Google for some background and got some interesting answers. The company is still being cagey with specifics, but there's one thing for certain: death knells for Microsoft and Apple are exaggerated. Here are ten copmuting tasks that Chrome OS, as it is currently understood, won't do better than your traditional desktop PC.

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