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Dell's Adamo XPS is Thin in Design (and Specs)

In the realm of beautiful, shiny things Dell's new Adamo XPS is among the shiniest and most beautiful. And, if we were in the business of judging (note)books by their covers, we'd leave that at that. That's not our business, though; the Adamo XPS is a gorgeous conversation piece, but a computer worth $1,800 it is not.

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Olympus Updates PEN with EP-2, Still Chases Panasonic

Olympus today continued the game of cat-and-mouse that is the land of Micro Four Thirds cameras with their new PEN EP-2. The new shooter, which comes on the half-iversary of the EP-1, is chasing Panasonic's much-lauded GF1 but feels unlikely to overtake it.

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Verizon Droid by Motorola: The Five-Minute Review

Motorola Droid:  John Mahoney
We've talked about Android 2.0 and (virtually) walked through the new Google Maps. Now, it's for real, and it's here. Motorola's Droid has landed at PopSci HQ, and it's making good on its promises.

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Google's Turn-By-Turn Maps for Android 2.0 Kicks Pricey Nav Apps to the Curb

Hot on the heels of the Android 2.0 mobile OS release, Google's sweetening the deal: the Eclair-flavored refresh to their mapping app turns handsets into feature-rich GPS devices -- for free.

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Google Shows Off Android 2.0's Features On Video

The second version of Google's mobile OS (codenamed Eclair) borrows ideas from existing (and upcoming?) phones for an improved user experience

When we saw the Motorola Cliq and the way it married all your contacts simply in one place (a la the Palm Pre), we finally saw the light at the end of the Android tunnel. This morning, that light got even brighter with Android 2.0--the next iteration of Google's mobile software.

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Microsoft Windows 7 (Finally) Comes Home

It's been 10 months since the code for the Windows 7 beta leaked to BitTorrent. That leak was quickly followed by an official free beta release the first week of January and a release candidate in April. Hardware manufacturers have had their hands on the final version since July, and today is finally your day--the day you can buy a machine running Windows 7 pre-installed.

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Barnes & Noble Reader Gets Official, Dubbed "The Nook"

Well, everything we thought we knew about the Barnes & Noble e-reader is true, but there's more, too: Dubbed The Nook, B&N just announced full details about its long-awaited Kindle contender.

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The Future of Wi-Fi is Routerless

A new wireless standard could challenge Bluetooth for peer-to-peer sharing supremacy.

Routers are the middle-men of our wireless networks; without them, our Wi-Fi gadgets (laptops, hard drives, cameras, printers, whathaveyou) can't talk to each other. But routers, like most intermediaries, don't make anything easier -- not at all. A new Wi-Fi standard is on the horizon that will let our devices talk to each other directly. Ain't that sweet?

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Leaked Barnes & Noble e-Reader is a Powerful Multitouch Hybrid

Take a Kindle, and put a multitouch screen where the keyboard and navigation buttons go, and you've got the Barnes & Noble e-reader.

We're still a week away from Barnes & Noble's big e-reader announcement, but we've know they've had something cooking for a while now. And today, our pals at Gizmodo hit the mother load: leaked shots of a forthcoming dual-screen device that is three-quarters e-ink and one-quarter (wait for it) color multitouch.

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Nikon's D3S Claims to See in the Dark, But Still Can't Shoot 1080p Video

Night vision, you say? The Nikon D3S, which the company unmasked today, is a pro-level D-SLR built around an entirely new 12-megapixel CMOS sensor that allegedly works well past twilight.

The D3S's sensor has expanded ISO sensitivity up to 102,400 (that's quadruple that of its older sibling, the Nikon D3), which means seriously low-light shooting. In fact, Nikon claims ISO 102.4K can pick up details you'd miss with the naked eye. (Too bad it can't see through walls, though.)

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Video: HP's New ProBooks Can Handle Your Spills

Among HP's landslide of Windows 7 PCs announced today are two biz-centric laptops that are a dream for clumsy typists. The HP ProBook 6445 and 6545 have all the unremarkable specs you'd expect in an affordable IT-department-friendly notebook, with one exception: a spill-resistant keyboard.

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Gallery: Far-Out New Tech from Japan

Thank Japan for sushi, Kobe beef, karaoke and the goods from the annual CEATEC showcase.

It's not all about singing robots in Tokyo this year. The annual CEATEC tech expo is loaded with the makings of your gadget-geek future.

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Five New Microsoft Mouse Prototypes Tackle Multitouch, Look Crazy

By now you know the Windows 7 line, but in case you've somehow missed it: it's the first major computer operating system to support multitouch, meaning it (like an iPhone) can read more than one finger press at a time. Of course, in order to take advantage of touch, you need to upgrade your hardware -- for a premium price, naturally.

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Hands On: Fujifilm Real 3D W1 Digital Camera

Finally available in the U.S. Fuji's camera and frame let you capture and view 3D images and video, sans goofy glasses.

In the past, in order to take a stereoscopic 3D photo, photogs had to fashion their own hacked shooting rigs of conjoined cameras wired into a central shutter. But even with all that, 3D shots taken with those setups still can't be seen with the naked eye. Fujifilm's Real 3D system, which is available in the U.S. today, includes a camera, digital frame, and print center that creates 3D images you can see without those flimsy glasses.

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A Week With the Zune HD: 5 Things I Love (and 5 Reasons I'm Keeping My iPod)

Can Microsoft's new player replace "the funnest iPod ever"? I took a week to find out for myself.

Is Apple unstoppable? If it is, the Zune HD has long appeared to be the best shot at unseating the MP3-player kingpin. Knowing that, when a Zune landed at PopSci HQ, we had to see if such a thing could actually be true.

For a week, I split my commute between a Zune HD and a brand new iPod touch (my fourth Apple player). These are the high- (and low-) lights of my week with the Zune HD.

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