Windows 7

Make Windows XP Look Like Windows 7 (No Hacking Required)

For those XP users who just can't bear to part with their beloved OS, here's a way to make it look like 7

Windows XP only: The system theme pack installer from NiwradSoft gives your crayola-inspired Windows XP desktop an impressive Windows 7-ish look—without wasting time hacking system files yourself. Installing the theme pack is as simple as clicking through the installer, though you may want to take your time and choose exactly which components to install—by default the package includes boot screens, logon screens, screensaver, system theme, and a ton of hacked resource files.

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Buying Vista Mid-Year Could Mean a Free Windows 7 Upgrade

Windows 7 might not be here for a while, but if you get a fresh copy of Vista around mid-year it may not all be bad news

A tech site noted for getting its Microsoft leaks right has posted details of a Windows 7 upgrade program, which would give buyers of the higher-end Vista versions a free copy of the new OS.

According to Tech ARP's details, pulled from a document sent to computer manufacturers in early December, a consumer who buys a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, Business, or Home Premium on or after July 1, 2020, through Jan. 31, 2010, could obtain a free upgrade to Windows 7.

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Finish Your Windows 7 Beta Downloads Before Thursday

Started your download? Get it done fast! Haven't registered yet? You're out of time...

The official Windows 7 Team Blog reminds us that availability for the Windows 7 Beta ends on Thursday (US time, but you might as well work to that scale). Maybe more importantly, though, if you have not already started your download as of today, you're out of luck (at least if you consider the official download to be your only avenue): Microsoft has already pulled the plug on new beta signups and downloads. For those of you still working on your download, you've got until 9am PST on Thursday to finish.

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Microsoft: “Sayonara Vista…Hello 7!”

After a few embattled years pushing Vista, Microsoft gets its second wind

Is Microsoft finally admitting that Windows Vista is a lost cause? Well, that’s certainly not the official company line, but it does kind of seem that way to me. The embattled OS’s successor, Windows 7, wraps up a public beta in a few days and speculation is that Microsoft is planning to crown its heir to the Windows kingdom as early as the Fall. By then, Vista will have been on store shelves for less than three years. That’s not a very long time compared to XP, which was top dog for five years before being replaced by Vista—if it was ever really replaced at all.

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Windows 7 Version Lineup Simplified To Three

Lifehacker gets to the bottom of the different versions of Windows 7

The many versions of Windows Vista was the brunt of much criticism from confused users, but Microsoft has simplified things in Windows 7. ZDNet's Ed Bott reports that Windows 7 has trimmed down to only 3 different versions for everyone in developed countries: Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Ultimate/Enterprise.

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Why Microsoft Should Give Windows 7 Away

Gizmodo Australia reckons that Windows 7 should be free for some users

Windows 7 is shaping to be an awesome OS. It's everything people wanted Vista to be and more. Which is exactly why Microsoft should give it away—or offer it dirt cheap—to Vista users.

Windows 7 is the solution to Microsoft's Vista problem, which is really a nasty hydra of a problem. Let's not pretend that this isn't the case. There are three major heads to the beast: Consumer perception of Vista as an abysmal failure and a crappy OS (hence, Mojave); the use of XP instead of Vista in increasingly popular netbooks; and the critical lack of Vista interest from the business community.

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Why the Windows 7 Taskbar Beats Mac OS X's Dock

OK, Apple fans have probably just left our website, never to return. But we love Apple too, we're just trying to be impartial

Story from Gizmodo Australia

Yeah, I said it. The Windows 7 taskbar is the most important Windows UI change since Windows 95, and it will dramatically change the way you use Windows. And it's better than the Mac's Dock.

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Windows 7 Beta's Many Free And Legit Themes

A version of Windows that is actually as stylish as OS X?

Story from Lifehacker Australia

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PC Buyers May Get Windows 7 Free After July

Could it be that Windows 7 will come free?

Story from Lifehacker Australia

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Get Windows 7's best features right now!

It's true, the best of Windows 7 is just a few clicks away

If you're tired of hearing about Windows 7's upcoming features while you sit and stare at your aging XP or Vista desktop, take solace in a few free apps and themes that can give you a taste right now. While it's true that Windows 7 isn't much different from Windows Vista (inside and out), a few neat features are worth trying out, and you can do it without installing the Windows 7 Preview. Here are a few free apps and alternatives that simulate Windows 7's built-in features.

Pin Items to Your Taskbar

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Top 10 things to look forward to in Windows 7

Microsoft is hoping Windows 7 can undo the damage of Windows Vista

While the next iteration of the ubiquitous Microsoft desktop operating system, Windows 7, isn't a dramatic overhaul of its predecessor Windows Vista, it does fix several sore spots and add a few welcome features. Rumour has it that Windows 7 will drop in the middle of next year, but last month Microsoft released a "preview" tester build of Windows 7. After living in the Windows 7 Preview for a week now, several features and niceties jumped out at me which promise to make Windows a better place to work come 2009. Let's take a look.

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