The iPad's Unexpected, Hidden Peek at the Future of Computing

Apple's redesigned touch-enabled iWork office suite may seem like an afterthought, but more than anything else on the iPad it's indicative of how we'll use computers in the future

The iPad's iWorks Suite:  Apple
During yesterday's iPad event, which largely played out just as the rumors foretold, Apple did do something unexpected: they unveiled a version of the word processing, spreadsheet and presentation suite iWork redesigned for the iPad's 9.7-inch touchscreen. It's easy to write off iWork's inclusion as a minor perk only for business types only, but don't. The suite's fully-redesigned touch interfaces actually reveal more about Apple's vision of the future of computing than any other element of their new tablet. Here's why.

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Apple iPad Hands On

Our complete impressions and analysis of Apple's new tablet are here, with photos and video

Apple iPad:  John Mahoney
The iPad, one of the most anticipated gadgets in history, is here. And the stakes, clearly, are high: to my knowledge, this is the first time Apple has referred to one of their products as "magical." Here's what it's like to play with one.

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Opinion: 5 Things That Are Fundamentally Wrong With The Apple iPad

Although Apple’s live announcement is over, details are still pretty scant on what’s under the hood of the new Apple iPad. However, considering may tech-heads are already placing orders for the product without seeing the specs, we thought we’d point out some of the immediate failings that might cause you to think twice before following suit:

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Apple Tablet Event Live

We're here in San Francisco for Apple's anticipated announcement

Steve Jobs Unveils the iPad:  John Mahoney
Update: Here are our hands on impressions of the iPad. Our liveblog with all the details of the announcement is archived here.

Starting at 10 AM PST (1 PM EST), we'll be covering Apple's tablet unveiling event from San Francisco, with reality distortion field shielding equipped. Check back here shortly before then for words and pictures from the event, updating live.

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Apple's Tablet Gamble: Do You Want One?

Tomorrow, we'll be in San Francisco to cover Apple's introduction--should the fevered speculation be accurate--of a new tablet device with a ten-inch touchscreen running some version of the iPhone OS. With it, so the story goes, they are hoping to deliver printed media products digitally in a new way, along with music and videos and apps galore.

For Apple, it is a gamble; tablet-sized devices of the sort, other than perhaps Amazon's Kindle (a decidedly different beast), have yet to go mainstream. So the all important question: Do you want one?

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Show and Sell: The Secret to Apple's Magic

Flash an exotic prototype, then—Presto!—get people to buy your more boring stuff. That kind of thinking still rules at most electronics companies. Apple under Steve Jobs only shows off actual products. The difference? Apple's arcane secret to success.

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Rumor Mill: Apple Tablet Will Be Unveiled This Month, Sold in March For $1,000

The rumor mill has been heating all day, and right now it’s simply too hot to ignore: the Wall Street Journal says that people “briefed by the company” report that Apple’s long-awaited tablet will ship in March for around $1,000, with a formal announcement coming from the company at a January 27th event.

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The Grouse's Wishes For a Happy, Techy 2010

There goes 2009, and what a year she was. Let’s see, the iTunes App Store eclipsed one billion downloads, Google surprised us all with the announcement of Chrome OS, Windows 7 sent Vista to the big Blue Screen of Death in the sky, Verizon and AT&T started fighting dirty and the e-reader market exploded. But instead of looking back at the year that was, we of course always find it a lot more fun to look forward. So, here’s what’s on my wish list for the year to come in gadgets and tech.

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Find Your Twitter Friends In Real Life With an Augmented Reality iPhone App

Like most Internet applications, Twitter connects you with people who seem to exist in a vast, abstract, cyberspace. Now, a new iPhone app from the French company Presselite uses augmented reality to show you exactly where your friends are tweeting from.

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Mourning the Death of the Meta Media Experience

Face it: On-demand is the future of TV. But is passive channel surfing and collective viewing something we won't know the value of until it's gone?

I tend to think of my cable bill kind of like my health insurance premium. Every month, I begrudgingly pony up the funds necessary to continue this so-called “service” wondering the what the heck it is I’m actually paying for--especially since most of what I regularly watch can be found online in some form--all the while deathly afraid of the consequences should I ever stop wiring in my money.

Every month, I consider amputating cable from my bottom line once and for all. But what’s holding me back is that I think I might actually miss it.

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Etihad: The iPod-Friendly Skies

Update to the airline’s entertainment system

Etihad Airways has upgraded the creature comforts available on its new A330-300 aircraft, offering passengers what it claims to be “the world’s most comprehensive in-flight entertainment system” from next month. We’re pretty sure Panasonic will be more than happy with such an illustrious title being given to their eX2 entertainment system.

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Is That An Astronaut In Your Pocket?

NASA’s got an iPhone app

Few of us can ever hope to become an astronaut in our lifetimes, so the latest iPhone app from NASA lets us enjoy the next best thing: keeping tabs on absolutely everything they do – from the International Space Station and the Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter to Mars exploration and space shuttle launches.

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Dutch Hacker Holds Jail-Broken iPhones Hostage, Demands Ransom Or The Gadget Gets It

The media generally portrays hacker as criminals going after law-abiding computer users, but one Dutch hacker has turned his sights on more fertile prey: other less-skilled, or even aspirational hackers. Like a digital stickup boy, he has remotely kidnapped illegally (according to Apple) jailbroken iPhones in the Netherlands, holding them hostage for five Euros.

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Rumor Mill: Apple Pitching $30 TV Subscription Service Via iTunes to Networks

The death of television and the advent of online-only programming has been upon us every week going back at least as far as the first Hulu stream, and perhaps much further depending on which rumor-monger blogs you subscribe to.

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Nokia Sues Apple for patent infringement

Phone giant makes its fight against multimedia giant legal

Mobile phone maker Nokia has today filed a patent infringement lawsuit against iPhone maker, Apple. The suit alleges ten of Nokia’s patents relating to wireless communications technology – specifically GSM, UMTS and WLAN – have been infringed in the iPhone. These technologies affect the iPhone’s ability to use wireless communications over 2G, 3G and wi-fi.

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