Foxtel's iQ2 Now Lets You Record After A Show's Finished

Foxtel's new iQ2 comes with a few handy additions up its sleeve

We've all been there - you've set the DVR to record your favourite program via the EPG. The next day you sit down to watch it and about 5 minutes from the end, right at the moment of climax, the recording ends, because the networks couldn't care less about you and run their programs over time. Well, now the Foxtel iQ2 (but not the iQ) will let you extend the recording time up to 20 minutes after each program.

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Kogan's Kevin 37 Goes Full HD!

Kogan announces win for Australian consumers

Kogan have had a few stuff ups in the past (anyone remember the Agora phone that was meant to be the first Android phone available in Australia?) but everyone should love them now that they have announced the upgrade of the Kevin 37 LCD TV to full-HD 1080p.

The original specs of the recession busting $900 37-inch TV were 720p but due to a stronger Aussie dollar (according to Kogan), the company has managed to convert the Kevin 37 to 1080p without changing the price tag. The already good value TV is now pretty unbelievable value.

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Don't Panic! Your TV Will Not Stop Working After May 1

Forget what you may have read in the Herald Sun about your LCD or Plasma TV being obsolete after May 1. It's not correct

If any of you happened to read the Herald Sun article on Monday entitled "Clock ticks for plasmas, LCDs" by Peter Familari and were wondering "what the f%*k?! How can a brand new TV be obsolete in less than 2 months?", you can now rest easy. The article is a load of rubbish. It's actually pretty unbelievable just how wrong the story is, even though the underlying issue is well worth looking at.

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Loewe Releases New Premium LCD TVs

Pioneer may have stepped out of the flat panel TV ring, but Loewe is just getting ready to put its gloves on

Loewe today announced that they have released two new premium LCD TV models. The announcement comes during a period where TV producers are reeling from the effects of the global economic crises, with Toshiba, Hitachi and Pioneer all being severely burnt.

The new sets are, strangely enough, targeted at high end consumers, despite them being hit worst with the crises. The cheapest of the new models will come in at a modest $5999. On the other end of the scale, Kogan released their $900 37-inch set last week.

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Kogan Release Budget 37-inch TV

Also release really bad image and terrible catch line

If you look past the image on the screen and the horrible catch line Kogan are using to promote its latest TV, you will find a pretty decent value set. The new 37-inch set, a size that is often overlooked, comes in at a rather decent $900, and you don’t always have to look at K-Rudd on your screen. Kogan says you can purchase the set today for shipping in April, around the time you may receive a tax bonus that could just about cover the set.

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So Smooth, it Hertz

What does it mean to have a TV that runs at 200Hz?

If you’ve seen Sony’s Z-series of Bravia TVs, you’re probably wondering what 200Hz means, and why it’s suddenly such an amazing feature that you can’t live without. To understand why 200Hz is both a great example of marketing speak and a feature that you do want on your next TV, you need to understand a little bit about how TVs work.

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Sony Creates World’s Largest Zoetrope

It’s back to the future for Sony, but don’t worry, they’re still creating consumer electronics

Sony has created the world’s largest zoetrope as part of their latest ad campaign for the 200Hz Bravia TV (you can see how they did it in our photo gallery). And it makes perfect sense. Why wouldn’t you advertise your latest TV invention with ultra smooth motion by creating a large toy from the 1800s that takes frame rates, tries to digest them and ends up choking on a really small mouthful?

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The Simpsons Goes HD

Get your sunglasses out because your TV screen is about to turn a very bright, hi-def, shade of yellow

Homer's face will soon be a hell of a lot crisper. The visuals sharper. The jokes? Entirely dependent on your sense of humour, but what is indisputable is that, for the first time, the show will be presented in HD.

Even the intro is getting a makeover, says FOX, the result of which is available here for your viewing pleasure. It's bigger, longer, and reminds me of a stubborn couch that my friend and I struggled to get into a tiny Boston area apartment yesterday using levers, pulleys and the most important moving day tool of all: Gratuitous swearing.

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The Downfall of Plasma?

The decline and fall of a technology empire (no, not Rome)

Rome was neither built nor disassembled in a day. While historians point to September 4, 476—the overthrow of the last emperor—as the date it all fell apart, the fall really began decades earlier and continued for decades afterwards.

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Staying Cool in the Crunch

The art and science of anti-choking technology

What did last night's episode of The Office have in common with the Super Bowl, other than the latter preceding the former? Did anybody notice the little gadget that beeped when Michael Scott stepped close to Stanley?

After suffering a heart attack, Stanley decided to wear a "biofeedback machine" that provided an audible alert when his stress level was rising. When our favorite boss had his employees lying on a floor and envisioning "walking through a meadow," Stanley's stress would spike whenever his superior was near.

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Do Widescreen Monitors Hamper Producitivity?

The widescreen monitor that has taken over the desks of most online offices around the world could be slowing down your work

The bigger-is-better attitude is rarely debated when discussing monitor sizes, but not everyone is in love with the trend towards widescreen monitors. What if all that width is largely wasted? Rafe Needleman, a contributor at the gadget blog Crave, has this to say about wide-screen monitors:

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Want Panasonic Gear? You Should Probably Buy It Before February 1

Buy now or forever hold your silence!

Story from Gizmodo Australia

The current economic climate sucks for just about everyone, but it's about to get even worse. Panasonic Australia has announced that due to the financiapocalypse, plus a poor performing Aussie dollar, the company has had to increase prices on its consumer electronics goods, starting February 1. On average, the increase will be about 10 per cent.

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CES: Not What It Used to Be?

Fewer attendees and talk of budget products over gadget lust

"Small" is still far from the right word for the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show. But by every measure—both official and anecdotal--it was a slimmer event than in years past. In overall terms, attendance was down by at least 12,000, and probably a good deal more. Last year's official tally was approximately 141,000 visitors. Sources inside CEA say that this year's was well under the 130,000 that had been projected.

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Canceling Cable

Two new ways to send HD video to your TV without wires

Flat-panels were supposed to eliminate the hulking television cabinet. But they are tethered to boxes -- cable tuners, disc players, A/V receivers -- that fill a big piece of furniture. A wireless connection lets you at least stash those peripherals out of the way. We tried out the first two cable-free HD technologies: one that uses radio waves and another that piggybacks on your home's electrical wiring.

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Big Waves on the Small Screen

Bored during the Christmas holidays? Here's a TV event to mark in your diary

Premiering on Discovery Channel on Wednesday the 17th at 8:30pm is Storm Surfers. This is one hella scary but very cool documentary on chasing the big waves. It's not just your average big wave doco though, of which there are already thousands (or hundreds, who knows, there are a lot though).

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