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Panasonic Will Market First Li-Ion Storage Battery for Home Use in 2011

The battery could power zero-emissions homes

Bringing power storage to the people, Panasonic will bring a home-use lithium-ion storage cell to market in fiscal 2011, making it possible for homes to store a week's worth of electricity for later use. Panasonic -- along with the recently acquired Sanyo -- have already test-manufactured such a battery, which could allow for more widespread deployment of eco-friendly but inconsistent modes of power generation.

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Etihad: The iPod-Friendly Skies

Update to the airline’s entertainment system

Etihad Airways has upgraded the creature comforts available on its new A330-300 aircraft, offering passengers what it claims to be “the world’s most comprehensive in-flight entertainment system” from next month. We’re pretty sure Panasonic will be more than happy with such an illustrious title being given to their eX2 entertainment system.

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Nokia Working On Infinite Cellphone Battery

Nokia looks to device that harvests energy from ambient radiation

Who hasn't missed an important call or woke up at the wrong time because you forgot to charge your cellphone over night? Well, Nokia hopes to make that a thing of the past by developing a technology that would use ambient radio radiation to perpetually charge a phone's battery.

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World's Smallest Fuel Cell Could Power Your Gadgets

Seriously, this photo isn't doctored at all!

Story from Gizmodo Australia

Chemical engineers working at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the States have developed a hydrogen fuel cell that measures only 3 millimeters across. That could mean longer lasting, eco-friendly power for your gadgets.

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The Grouse: Assault on Batteries

Should non-rechargeables be illegal?

Perusing the deluge of overheated press releases from the CES conference a few weeks ago, one in particular, for Panasonics new line of EVOLTA batteries, got me thinking. And when I say thinking, I mean muttering curse words and shaking my fist. The release made a big deal about the fact that these new batteries last from 1.3 to 2 times as long as other alkaline batteries—which is to say, slightly less poisonous and wasteful, but not much. Whoopdee-flipping-doo.

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