High-Pressure Diamond Anvil Creates a New Solid from Xenon and Hydrogen

The useful noble gas may provide a breakthrough way to store hydrogen for fuel

Hydrogen Storage: Store me some hydrogen  Nature Chemistry/H-Racer
Science under pressure can produce marvelous results, such as an entirely new way to store hydrogen fuel. Researchers combined the noble gas xenon with molecular hydrogen (H2) to make a never-before-seen solid that opens the doors to an entire new family of materials for hydrogen storage.

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Mercedes to Launch Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car Into Production by 2010

Mercedes-Benz says the company will bring a fuel-cell hatchback to buyers in the US and Europe by early next year. But will there be enough filling stations to support it?

Just like its counterparts at Honda and GM who've announced they'll produce hydrogen fuel-cell cars, Mercedes-Benz hopes the whole "if you build it" thing doesn't just apply to Shoeless Joe Jackson. Mercedes announced today the company will build a hydrogen-fueled version of its European B-Class hatchback called the F-Cell for the US and Europe. It'll arrive by early 2010, far ahead of the massive hydrogen infrastructure the company acknowledges will be required for wide adoption of such cars.

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The Power of Pee

Cars and devices could soon be powered by hydrogen extracted from urine

Because it’s the universe’s most abundant element, hydrogen is a good candidate for a renewable energy source. But there’s a problem: the finicky element is difficult to manage. Storing it in its pure form is a hassle that requires high pressure and low temperature, and unbinding it from paired elements used to stabilize it comes with significant secondary energy costs.

Fortunately, though, there’s urine to the rescue.

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300 MPG Riversimple Urban Car Open-Sources Its Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tech

A hydrogen-powered two-seater unveiled in London this week can seat two, turn in the equivalent of 300 MPG and hit a top speed of 50 mph. Plus, its blueprints are open source. Take that, auto industry

The Riversimple Urban Car was nine years in the making. But when the diminutive, hydrogen-powered prototype debuted in London recently, the biggest difference between it and other fuel-cell vehicles wasn't its in-wheel electric motors or banks of ultracapacitors. It was its development-and-business model.

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Low-Emissions Mayhem: Jesse James Breaks Hydrogen Speed Record

The car TV star surpasses BMW to set a new hydrogen-car speed record in a vintage streamliner with a funny name.

Call it the Dees-Milodon Engineering-Davis B Streamliner. That's the name of the vintage speedster in which automotive celeb Jesse James this week set the land speed record for a hydrogen-powered car. The daredevil star of Spike TV's "Jesse James is a Dead Man," reportedly hit just shy of 200 miles per hour in the modified, 40-year-old streamliner, breaking a previous record set by BMW.

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Blowing (Up) Hydrogen Bubbles

A dramatic demonstration -- with exclusive video! -- of why the same gas that heats your house can also make it explode

Living in the Midwest, where heating homes with propane is common, I periodically see reports in the local paper that yet another unoccupied house has exploded. They often note that the roof was found in the basement, while the walls were spread some distance into the neighboring fields.

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World's Smallest Fuel Cell Could Power Your Gadgets

Seriously, this photo isn't doctored at all!

Story from Gizmodo Australia

Chemical engineers working at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the States have developed a hydrogen fuel cell that measures only 3 millimeters across. That could mean longer lasting, eco-friendly power for your gadgets.

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As Seen On TV: Science Gets Your Whites Their Whitest

In the first installment of As Seen On TV, we look at what that bearded guy has been yelling about and why his excitement might be valid

Watching trashy TV late at night hardly provokes most people to think about laundry. Billy Mays seems to think that screaming about detergent will change that. But just what is that enthusiastic-to-the-point-of-belligerent pitchman yelling about? That would be OxiClean. On the commercial, Mays shouts that it uses the power of oxygen to miraculously clean. But does it actually work? The answer is sometimes, and knowing how it works explains why

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First Manned, Hydrogen-Powered Flight

Boeing announces that one of its pilots recently cruised in a fuel-cell-powered aircraft

Yesterday Boeing announced that one of its pilots recently took to the air in an airplane powered by hydrogen fuel cells. This marks the first time a manned aircraft running on fuel cells has ever successfully completed a flight, though robotic drones have done so in the past.

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Turning Black Coal Green

A radical new power plant aims to convert our dirtiest fossil fuel into clean-burning hydrogen

Big lumps of sooty coal hardly seem like the future of energy, but that's exactly what the U.S. Department of Energy predicts. Consumption of the fossil fuel-the main source of greenhouse gas and a major contributor to acid rain, smog and mercury poisoning-will hit 10.6 billion tons a year by 2030, a near doubling of the 5.4 billion tons burned in 2003, according to the agency.

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Hydrogen-Bombing Down the Track

PopSci goes pedal-to-the-carbon-fiber in Honda's next-gen prototype fuel cell car after a rare one-on-one interview with Honda's president and CEO Takeo Fukui

For a closer look at the Honda FCX, click 'View Photo Gallery.' And for a rare Q&A with Honda's president and CEO, continue reading on the second page.

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