A Russian missile test or a meteor remain the top guesses for a strange spiraling light phenomenon

Strange Norwegian Lights: Rocket gone awry, or the something scarier?  Rex Features/Daily Mail
A bizarre spiraling light show over Norway has raised speculations ranging from a Russian rocket test to an odd meteoric display. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute remains unsure of the phenomenon's origins, but astronomers have said that it does not appear connected to the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights.

A blue light first appeared from behind a mountain, and created a giant spiral in the sky within seconds. Perhaps even more baffling, a green-blue beam of light appeared to shoot from the center. The entire display remained in the sky for a good ten to twelve minutes--enough time for photographers across Norway to shoot hundreds of images and capture video:

Universe Today raises the possibility that the spiraling pattern represents a tumbling rocket stage spewing fuel. But Russia denied having conducted missile tests in the area.


It's also worth noting that a similar phenomenon apparently appeared over China back in April 2009:

We're still betting on some rocket test gone awry, or else a really far-out art display by a guerilla artiste with a penchant for science. Inter-dimensional research or the beginning stages of an alien invasion remain farther down the probability list.

Check out more photos of the phenomenon here

[via The Daily Mail, Universe Today and Norwegian Meteorological Institute]


Looks like a worm hole but its problem just a Russian missile/Rocket out of control. The Chinese’s one defiantly looks like an out of control missile/rocket. Still would be pretty cool if it was a worm hole. Lol

Come on you losers look closely it is obviously being projected onto clouds

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