Etihad: The iPod-Friendly Skies

Update to the airline’s entertainment system

Etihad Airways has upgraded the creature comforts available on its new A330-300 aircraft, offering passengers what it claims to be “the world’s most comprehensive in-flight entertainment system” from next month. We’re pretty sure Panasonic will be more than happy with such an illustrious title being given to their eX2 entertainment system.

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iPhone Touchscreen Interface Puts Robot Control At Your Fingertips

Adding a new wrinkle to the 'droid versus iPhone debate, a project at Keio University in Tokyo have created iPhone software specifically designed to control androids. More specifically, they've created an interface that puts control of a humanoid robot right at your fingertips.

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Mercedes-Benz Launches New Apps-Based Telematics Service

Starting this week, Mercedes buyers can sign up for a service that'll connect their cars with their smartphones. And a load of new apps could be on the way

Mercedes-Benz and partner Hughes Telematics hope buyers will embrace a new in-car telematics system tied to smartphone apps. The system, branded "mbrace," will let drivers use their iPhones or BlackBerry devices to lock and unlock car doors, locate their vehicles on a map, and contact roadside assistance. Mercedes is the first carmaker to offer the service, which was developed by Atlanta-based Hughes.

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Is That An Astronaut In Your Pocket?

NASA’s got an iPhone app

Few of us can ever hope to become an astronaut in our lifetimes, so the latest iPhone app from NASA lets us enjoy the next best thing: keeping tabs on absolutely everything they do – from the International Space Station and the Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter to Mars exploration and space shuttle launches.

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NASA Scientist Converts iPhone into Chemical Sniffer

A new plug-in iPhone device can detect airborne ammonia, chlorine gas and methane

Cell phones have increasingly become mobile labs and tech tools for researchers, and now NASA has gotten in on the act. A postage-stamp-sized chemical sensor allows iPhones to sniff out low airborne concentrations of chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine gas and methane.

A puff from a "sample jet" helps sense any airborne chemicals. That information gets processed by a silicon chip consisting of 16 nanosensors, and then passes on to another phone or computer through any Wi-Fi or telecom network.

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Finally, something the iPhone can’t do

Sony’s new phone plays to the company’s strengths

Sony’s dream of creating a fully integrated multimedia experience at home and on the road has come closer to reality with the release of the Sony Ericsson Aino, a multimedia touchscreen phone that does a few things that might turn iPhone users green with envy.

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Happy 40th Birthday, Internet! Five Milestones in the Ever-Evolving History of the Web

Your Daddies: A group of BBN programmers, the builders of Arpanet.
Yes, hard to believe, but it was 40 years ago today that the first two nodes of what would become Arpanet connected, thus beginning the Internet As We Know It. In the ensuing four decades, the Internet would change our world as profoundly as radio and the printing press had before it. So to celebrate, we’ve compiled five milestones in the Internet's young life.

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Video: iPhone App Remotely Drives a Chrysler Minivan

In the future, we'll all be able to drive without leaving home. Researchers in Berlin reworked their DARPA-spec autonomous minivan to be controllable by an iPhone app

A recent ad for Vodafone featured Formula One champ Lewis Hamilton piloting his F1 steed, as if it were an RC car, using a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. Many were fooled, some were not, but really it was just a wishful-thinking play by clever ad people.

But one such convergence of smartphones and automobiles apparently is legit. Computer science researchers at Berlin's Free University worked up this Chrysler minivan that can be controlled remotely by an iPhone app.

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A Supersized Solution for iPhone Battery Life

A peripheral improvement to iPhone battery life, but at what cost?

For those of us who bought into the iPhone craze and call one of Apple’s handy mobile devices our own, we know all too well how the battery life can quickly become an issue. As a smartphone, users are expected to do more with it than just basic mobile phone functionality, but use of wireless networks, internet browsing and digital media playback can wear the battery down in a manner of hours.

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Why 4G is Nothing More Than a Band-Aid (and Why the FCC Isn’t Helping)

On vacation on Cape Cod, my now-insatiable need for constant connectivity provides a revelation

Besides world peace and a visit from the Publishers Clearing House van, the one thing I want in life is an always-on Internet connection—and, I want it affordably. More specifically, I want always accessible, reasonably priced, quick and dependable wireless Internet. After all, my broadband connection through the cable company is technically always on, but it’s worthless once I walk out of the house. It stands to reason, then, that only a mobile provider will ever be capable of fulfilling this wish.

It dawned on me while on vacation recently that I actually already have what I’ve always wanted. The problem is that it’s a last-generation definition of what Internet access is and needs to be.

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iPod nano Gets a Video Camera (and Other Non-Tablet Apple News)

Well, the prophets were right: No App-let (Ta-pple, Ta-cintosh, whatever) today. The real news: Steve's back, the iPod nano is trying to kill Pure Digital's Flip pocket camcorder, and iTunes lets you copy files within your home network.

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Hot Tech: It's Not Just for Geeks Anymore

A new survey shows that early adoption of new gear has gone mainstream

Hey you, guy who camped out for days to get the first iPhone. I've got some bad news: Your geek cred is in question. A new study released today by Massachusetts marketing firm Forrester Research says that early adoption of hot new gear is no longer the exception, it's the rule. Will we all one day end up tailgating for tech?

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iPhones for the Blind

Blind Man with Touch Interface:  courtesy of Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea

Quick, get out your iPhone. Unlock it and slide over to that game you've been playing when your boss isn't looking. Now mute it, put the phone to sleep, close your eyes, and try to do that again. Can you do it? Didn't think so.

There's not a simple way to use touchscreens when you can't see what you're doing, which means 10 million blind and low-vision Americans can't use this ubiquitous technology. But what if you could feel it? What if the "slide to unlock" key was an actual slide? Even better, what if you could have a Braille iPhone?

Led by a scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, an international group of researchers is hoping the same technology that could provide amputees an artificial arm could help blind people access the wireless world.

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Sirius XM SkyDock Brings Full Satellite Radio Experience to iPhone

Jalopy-bound Sirius XM devotees don't have to spring for a full sat-radio upgrade to listen to Howard Stern in their hoopties anymore. Today Sirius XM intro'ed the XM SkyDock, a device that turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a car satellite radio, letting subscribers kick finicky streaming apps to the curb.

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Apple's Tablet Imagined, Lustily

Jesus over at Gizmodo, ever the Apple dreamer, has put together the best-looking homemade mockup to date of what the mythical Apple Tablet may look like. Is it wrong to feel almost dirty looking at this fine bit of 'shoppery?

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