Social Networking Promises a New Era of Watching TV with Friends

Someone wants to bring back the golden era of TV, when entire families watched the tube with microwave dinners balanced carefully on their laps. Motorola, Intel and UK-based BT envision a TV viewing experience that uses social networking to make you feel fuzzily connected to friends and family. According to Technology Review the goal is to "make TV social again."

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Watching TV On Samsung's LED 9000 Remote

I still can't decide if this is genius or stupid, but creativity points are definitely due: Samsung's high-end LED 9000 TV will come with a touchscreen remote that enables you to watch TV on the remote while playing a Blu-ray disc on the screen.

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Video: Simulation Renders Entire Known Universe

Everyone loves a good road movie, whether it's Hope and Crosby or Fonda and Hopper. But the scope of those films pales in comparison to the ground covered by the Hayden Planetarium's new video, The Known Universe. The video starts in Tibet and zooms out through time and space until it shows well, the entire known universe.

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Video: Laser-Etched Crystal Zoetrope Embeds Victorian-Era 3-D Animation in Your Table

South Korean designers update an old pre-movie device to create a compelling 3D animation

You may remember playing with zoetropes as a kid, or at least their flipbook equivalents that converted a series of 2D stickman images into an animated story. Such devices proved popular from the Victorian era all the way up until movies became all the rage in the 20th century. Now there's the 21st century version -- a 3-D zoetrope that creates a spiraling animated ilusion.

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Robovie-II, the Robot That Helps You Buy Groceries

The ease and variety of online shopping enabled by the first dot-com explosion cast technology as the killer of in-store retail. But in Japan, with its aging population and unique consumer culture, technology facilitates grocery shopping, in the form of retail assistance robots like Robovie-II. Part of a larger network of sensors and wireless devices, Robovie provides assistance to elderly shoppers making their rounds.

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Video: Wild Grouses Enticed into Mating With Sexy Fembot

It could happen to you

Oh, behave!:  Science Nation/National Science Foundation
One of America's strangest mating rituals, the chest-puffing, squeaking dance of the sage grouse, is getting closer attention, thanks to a pretty little fembot.

The sage grouse, which is sort of like a more interesting type of chicken, has long captivated scientists as well as tourists because, of its elaborate mating habits. A group of researchers have infiltrated the grouse world using a custom-designed "fembot" -- a robotic bird on wheels with a camera nestled in her breast.

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Video: NASA Drops A Helicopter From Midair to Test New Anti-Crash Tech

No stranger to rough landings, NASA just engineered a crash of its own design to test a new crash countermeasure for helicopters. NASA dropped a donated Army MD-500 carrying four crash test dummies from 35 feet, to determine whether a new honeycomb cushion made of Kevlar strapped to the bottom of the copter could absorb the brunt of the impact. The result: a more or less intact MD-500, and the cool impact video below.

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Picture Gallery: ProDigits Bionic Fingers

Following our earlier story, we've uploaded a great picture gallery of the ProDigits bionic fingers from UK firm Touch Bionics. These bionic fingers let their wearers--a 1.2-million-strong group that, until now, has been largely ignored--regain the ability to type, use a fork and knife and more.

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Pneumatic Ball-Levitating 'Bot Preps Produce, Wins at Beer Pong

Using powerful air jets and complex algorithms, "robo-air" system makes objects appear to defy gravity.

Using an air jet to make a ball appear to levitate is an old physics lab trick; the air rushing around the ball traps it in a low-pressure pocket. But guiding "floating" balls through an obstacle course of hoops, making asymmetrical objects like apples and water bottles float as carefree as perfect spheres, or launching balls across a room with precision accuracy? That's impressive.

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Targeted Video Compression Brings Cell Phones to Sign Language Users

Most people use the video camera on their phone for bootlegging concert footage or recording drunken antics. But for the deaf, to whom cellphones' audio capability is moot, cellphone video offers a chance to expand beyond texting, and into the more expressive communication of American Sign Language. Unfortunately, low-bandwidth American cellphone lines can't carry video clear enough for sign language.

That's where MobileASL comes in. This multi-university project developed a special algorithm that selectively compresses the video, lowering the resolution on everything but the speakers hands. This lowers the size of the video to the point where it can pass over regular cellphone signals. And now, the MobileASL project has developed the first prototype phone that incorporates this technology.

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The Science Behind Jabulani, Adidas's 2010 World Cup Soccer Ball

See a video on how this year's latest and greatest piece of soccer engineering comes together

Jabulani, Deconstructed:  Adidas
While the sporting world watched the clock for the high noon announcement of the brackets for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, we were salivating over another four-year tradition: the engineering and innovation that goes into the official World Cup ball. With the 2010 Cup's Jabulani ball (‘to celebrate’ in isiZulu), Adidas claims it has surpassed its own Teamgeist from 2006 in constructing the roundest and most accurate ball ever played. See how it's made inside.

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Find Your Twitter Friends In Real Life With an Augmented Reality iPhone App

Like most Internet applications, Twitter connects you with people who seem to exist in a vast, abstract, cyberspace. Now, a new iPhone app from the French company Presselite uses augmented reality to show you exactly where your friends are tweeting from.

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Video: Improvising Jazzbot Jams With Humans, Really Swings

Advances in robotics have lead to automatons that can do everything from ski to open doors to help the elderly.

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Future Then Video: Braniff Goes Supersonic

What the "future" of supersonic air travel looked like in 1975

Here at PopSci, we spend our fair share of time marveling at fantastic visions of the future. So as a result, we know better than anyone how fun it can be looking back a few decades at the visions that flew a bit too close to the sun. And that's what this new series, The Future Then Video (inspired by our magazine's back page), is all about--taking a look back at retro visions of the future and seeing how their predictions panned out.

In our first episode, we're looking at an amazing promotional film that Braniff International made in 1975 to get customers excited about supersonic air travel.

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iPhone Touchscreen Interface Puts Robot Control At Your Fingertips

Adding a new wrinkle to the 'droid versus iPhone debate, a project at Keio University in Tokyo have created iPhone software specifically designed to control androids. More specifically, they've created an interface that puts control of a humanoid robot right at your fingertips.

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