Nick Gilbert
at 03:52 PM December 1 2011
The AT-AT drinks cabinet
IMAGE BY AT-AT by Colin Johnson, images from Imgur
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If you're wanting some a bit more geek than a simple drinks cabinet, then you might just be into looking at this full blown AT-AT model. Unfortunately, we don't think it has lasers that actually work, but it's still plenty impressive. 

Dan Nosowitz
at 02:00 PM November 29 2011
Siri: Start Car
IMAGE BY Brandon Fiquett
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Developer Brandon Fiquett is one of the first to hack Siri, Apple's new voice command feature that we have previously insisted is for your mum. But maybe not, given what this hack indicates is possible: Siri can be hacked to communicate with just about anything, and in this case has been persuaded to start a car with a simple voice command.

Nick Gilbert
at 11:00 AM November 29 2011
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The hack in action
IMAGE BY dmovi
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Have you ever been annoyed by people reading or watching what's happening on your computer monitor, usually by quite conspicuously peering over your shoulder? Or perhaps you simply want a way to prevent people using your computer in a very straightforward, quite secure fashion without using software? Well, there's a hack for that.

Theodore Gray
at 11:13 AM November 23 2011
DIY // 

Oil and water don't mix: it's an old saying, but it's never more true than when you're talking about a pot of hot cooking oil and the moisture condensed on the surface of a frozen turkey. it's pretty incredible the amount of fire that simple combination can create.

WARNING! This demonstration will burn your house down - seriously. If you want to fry a turkey, read the fryer's instructions, and do not try to re-create this effect at home under any circumstances.

Rebecca Boyle
at 09:15 AM November 18 2011
IMAGE BY via YouTube
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The gadget world is full of cool eye-tracking interfaces, from an iPhone version to a fully functioning laptop. But these are all fairly pricey and complex, making them niche devices rather than widely adoptable tools. Now a Honduran teenager has an eye tracker that solves the problem: A $300 open-source kit meant for people with disabilities. It's called the Eyeboard.

Clay Dillow
at 08:40 AM November 1 2011
Two iPad 2s = One Huge Gaping Hole
Hacks // 

Trawling the Web looking for that last minute costume idea today? Look no further. NASA engineer Mark Rober has a "relatively simple" (we're calling it relatively expensive) yet technologically elegant solution to your Halloween wardrobe woes. All you need is two iPad 2s, some fake blood, and a shirt that you no longer care for.

Dan Nosowitz
at 03:33 AM October 5 2011
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House From Up
IMAGE BY National Geographic
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This week on the US National Geographic Channel, the answer to that eternal question (providing "eternal" means "since 2009 when the movie came out"): Can we really build a house like the one from Pixar's Up, able to float by balloon power alone? On an episode of popular DIY show "How Hard Can It Be?" that aired this week, a team of builders (including frequent contributor to the US version of PopSci Vin Marshall) actually built a house capable of being lifted--with people aboard--by balloons.

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