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Bill Gates's Hidden Dreams of Geoengineering Revealed

The Microsoft chairman, it turns out, has a small history of dabbling in climate-altering schemes

Bill Gates has already proven his interest in geoengineering schemes with his earlier co-patent filing for reducing the intensity of killer hurricanes. So perhaps we're not too surprised that Science Insider has dug up the Microsoft chairman's past projects on altering the Earth's climate, ranging from filtering carbon dioxide to reflecting sunlight via brighter clouds.

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Australia To Develop All-In-One Geothermal and Desalination Solution

The all-in-one system to simultaneously produce clean electricity and drinking water will be developed through a $1.12 million research project, conducted with industry partner Greenearth Energy.
The project was officially launched last week at “ target=”_blank”>RMIT’s

Bundoora campus by Victorian Energy and Resources Minister, Peter Batchelor. At the launch, Mr Batchelor said it was crucial for industry, academia and governments to work together to make advances in the area of renewable energy and drinking water. [ Read Full Story ]

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Turns Back Doomsday Clock, Gives Us An Extra Minute To Live

Good news everyone! Armageddon has been postponed by another 60 seconds.

This morning, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (BAS) moved the hands of the Doomsday Clock back to six minutes before midnight. The clock is a symbolic timepiece that measures the threat of human extinction due to man-made causes, and recent international action on global warming, combined with cooperation between Russia and the US on nuclear weapon reduction, provided the incentive for the scientists to roll it back a minute.

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New Coding Could Make Internet 99 Percent More Energy Efficient

For most people, conserving energy means turning off lights in empty rooms. But for the researchers at Bell Labs, the massive energy savings lurk in the 1's and 0's of the code that regulates the Internet. Based on a new study from the lab, communications networks could use 99 percent less energy with only a few simple code changes. Bell Labs also estimates that those savings would prevent the emission of 300 million tons of carbon.

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Scientists and Spies Team Up On Global Warming

In a break from their usual business of overthrowing South American governments, covering up alien landings, and broadcasting coded messages through my fillings, the CIA has revived a program that teams up spies and scientists for the study of climate change. Through the program, scientists get access classified images of the polar ice caps, as well as the chance to pick the targets of off-duty spy satellites.

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Carbon Tax Could Stop Large-Scale Extinctions

Queensland researchers have unveiled a new strategy for saving the world's forests. Published in the journal, Science, the research suggests wealthy countries participate in a carbon payment system to encourage developing countries to keep their forests to avert a looming extinction crisis, in addition to avoiding dangerous climate change.

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EPA Officially Declares Greenhouse Gases a Danger as Copenhagen Conference Begins

The U.S. signals its readiness to regulate carbon dioxide emissions; world leaders begin Copenhagen discussions on climate change

Today's symbolic but politically crucial move by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes greenhouse gases as a danger for humans and Earth alike. That would open the doors for new regulations on carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles, power plants and factories, according to the New York Times.

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MIT Redesigns Natural Gas Power Plant For Near-Zero Carbon Emissions

New technology produces energy from fuel without burning it

With the conference in Copenhagen swiftly approaching, and the Senate analog to the Waxman-Markey "American Clean Energy and Security Act" struggling towards the floor, little doubt remains that fossil fuel-burning power plants will soon face either fines for, or mandatory reduction of, carbon emissions. Luckily, a team at MIT has devised a power plant set up that generates power from fossil fuels, but does so with almost none of the carbon emissions.

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Study Finds Ozone Hole Repair Contributes To Global Warming, Sea Ice Melt

The 20th century's biggest environmental success may exacerbate the 21st century's biggest environmental crisis

In 1985, scientists from the British Antarctic Survey found a giant hole in the ozone layer of Earth's atmosphere over the South Pole. This discovery prompted a largely successful international effort to ban CFCs, the chemicals largely responsible for man-made thinning of the ozone layer.

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So Much For "Hopenhagen"

World leaders give up on signing a climate-change treaty at the COP 15 talks next month

Over the weekend President Obama and other world leaders broke the news: No legally binding international climate-change treaty this year.

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WWF: We Have Until 2014 To Stop Global Warming

It’s no secret that the world is warming, but a new report published by the World Wildlife Fund suggests we may not have as much time to mull solutions as we think. If the world doesn’t commit to green technologies by 2014, the report says, runaway global warming and economic meltdown are all but unstoppable.

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Largest Carbon Sequestration Plant To Pump 3.3 Million Tons Of CO2 Into Ground

Even before a single ounce of natural gas gets burned in a home or power plant, massive amounts of CO2 have already been released. The process of extracting natural gas releases carbon dioxide pent up in the same wells as the gas, thus adding to the climate-changing impact of the fuel.

To help lower the global warming impact of one of the world's largest natural gas fields, General Electric has supplied Chevron, Exxon Mobile and Shell with enough compression "trains"--the pumps and turbines that do the sequestering--to create the world's largest carbon sequestration project. The trains will pump 3.3 million tons of CO2 released from natural gas mining back into the ground every year. That's the equivalent of taking 630,000 cars off the road.

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EPA To Impose New Greenhouse Gas Regulations

In an attempt to both strengthen the US's negotiating hand in the upcoming Copenhagen climate talks, and to prod domestic lawmakers into swifter action on lasting legislation, the White House has told the Environmental Protection Agency to move forward with new rules regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

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El Nino being surpressed by global warming

El Niño, the periodic eastern Pacific phenomenon credited with shielding the United States and Caribbean from severe hurricane seasons, may be overshadowed by its brother in the central Pacific due to global warming, according to an article in the September 24 issue of the journal Nature.

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At UN Climate Change Conference, US And China Promise Carbon Emission Reductions

Today, heads of state from around the globe met at the United Nations to face a problem that affects all of their constituencies: climate change. In a day-long conference on global warming, President Obama lamented that the United States was slow to recognize and respond to the problem of global warming, and vowed to move swiftly to counter it. President Hu Jintao of China echoed those statements, listing a four-point plan to combat carbon emissions.

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