hydrogen economy

Modified Algae Produce Clean, Easy Hydrogen

Simple organisms pave the way to the hydrogen-fueled future

Algae get a lot of airtime as a possible future source of biofuels to wean us from dirty fossil fuels, but even biofuels don't go so far as to eliminate hydrocarbons (and their constituent carbon emissions) from our energy diet. But a different use for algae could prove a better solution to the future of fuel.

A new process that produces clean, sustainable hydrogen from photosynthesis in algae could change all that. The means of manufacturing clean, usable hydrogen has heretofore required a high-energy process that drastically dilutes the upside.

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Step 6: Go H2

The key: cleaner conversions

The potential is huge, but the transition to the much-ballyhooed hydrogen economy won't be easy. Pure hydrogen isn't a naturally occurring fuel, and today the cheapest way to make it is from oil or natural gas, which does nothing to offset CO2 emissions.

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Warning: The Hydrogen Economy May Be More Distant Than It Appears

Nine myths and misconceptions, and the truth about why hydrogen-powered cars aren´t just around the corner

In presidential campaign of 2004, Bush and Kerry managed to find one piece of common ground: Both spoke glowingly of a future powered by fuel cells. Hydrogen would free us from our dependence on fossil fuels and would dramatically curb emissions of air pollutants, including carbon dioxide, the gas chiefly blamed for global warming. The entire worldwide energy market would evolve into a â€hydrogen economy†based on clean, abundant power. Auto manufacturers and environmentalists alike happily rode the bandwagon, pointing to hydrogen as the next big thing in U.S. energy policy.

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