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This Week in the Future: November 8-13, 2009:  Baarbian.com

We're all about the future here at PopSci; we put the pieces together and deliver the news and nuggets you need to know to stay on top of where this world (and universe, and beyond) is headed. This week, the future's looking like quite the wild party--water from space, libidinous rats, and transforming UAVs. What's not to love?

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It turns out humans have likely been drinking water from outer space (and now we know what'd happen if we were to eat a teaspoon-full of White Dwarf Star). The Vatican, meanwhile, has pondered the existence of alien life, and the British army has revealed plans for a new generation of unmanned vehicles. Last but not least (and perhaps most promising), a new breed of mice has been shown to retain excellent hearing, as well as sex lives, in old age (just like Hef!).

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Unmanned, robot soldiers = Scary

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