Algae Used To Produce Green Plastics, Sans Petroleum

Algae-derived plastics could cut more than half of the petroleum currently used in traditional production

Algae have come a long way in our post-fossil-fuels energy situation: Now the same green scum that covers water and other surfaces could soon be enlisted to make biodegradable green plastics for your picnic cutlery.

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World's First All-Electric Locomotive Has Over 1,000 Batteries, Runs 24 Hours On a Single Charge

Norfolk Southern is the latest company to push a piece of heavy industrial machinery into green territory with their 100% electric NS 999 locomotive. The zero-emissions train makes use of 1,080 12-volt batteries that allows it to run for 24 hours on a single charge--all while carrying the same load as a conventional locomotive.

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Learn How to Do Anything with Netflix for DIY Nerds

From lock-picking to building veggie-oil cars, Smartflix gets you up to speed

Almost four years ago I swapped out my fancy lad IT job in New York City for a 100 percent DIY lifestyle in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. The only problem was that I didn't have any building skills. Fortunately, I came across an advertisement for Smartflix: A DVD-rental service sorta like Netflix except all the videos are how-tos. The library covers everything from how to silkscreen a t-shirt to building energy efficient homes. At only $10 per disc rental (a few are more) and over 6,200 titles this service saved my DIY life. Follow the jump to check out my favorite titles.

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Study Finds Purchasing Green Products Increases Your Likelihood to Lie, Cheat

Small acts of eco-kindness can make people more likely to cheat and steal.

In a recent paper by a pair of researchers at the University of Toronto, entitled "Do Green Products Make Us Better People?" the answer seems to be, eh, not completely. Although you may have done Mother Earth a favor, your unconscious might sway you to be less ethical with your fellow man.

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Your Hybrid Car Is Hogging All the Rare Earth Metals

So it turns all those hybrid car owners who turn their environmentally conscious noses up have an unexpected caveat to their green-ness--their cars are sucking up rare earth metals at a disturbing rate.

Rare earth elements take up 17 slots on the periodic table, and are named not for their overall scarcity (they're actually quite common in trace elements throughout the Earth's core) but for the relatively uncommon minerals in which they were originally found; few rare earth elements exist in pure elemental form naturally.

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NASA's New Base Uses Smart Spaceship Tech on the Ground

NASA's new building will use smart systems that adjust to climate conditions to reach zero net energy consumption

NASA Gets Green: Smart systems and a central computer will keep track of even individual energy efficiency in NASA's Sustainability Base. Don't anger the computer.  NASA

Get ready for the greenest federal building ever built, and maybe also the smartest. NASA plans to channel decades of space exploration technology into its upcoming Sustainability Base in California.

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Microbe That Extracts Energy from Mud Gets Ready for Use in Fuel Cells

Energy-producing microbe evolves into dramatically more efficient strain

Geobacter, a microbe that generates electricity when placed in mud and wastewater, has been evolved into a far more productive strain, as part of a new University of Massachusetts breakthrough that has researchers thinking of new fuel cell designs.

Science Daily says that Geobacter is about 3-5 nanometers in diameter, which is about 20,000 times finer than a human hair. Geobacter is known for its ability to transfer electrons, which enables it to "extract" energy from biomass.

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August is Blue on Planet Green

Blue is the new black--or so Planet Green would have us believe, with their month-long Blue August television special focusing on all things aquatic. Planet Green will present water-themed documentaries and programs throughout August, with topics ranging from clean drinking water to the Great Barrier Reef.

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Green Dream: An All-Electric ATV

The Green Dream needs a green ride around the property

Polaris has just introduced an electric version of the Ranger 400 side-by-side. This is very exciting to me. As you may remember, I'm the guy who built a rather non-green jet turbine side-by-side, but 114 dB does get old after a while.

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New Integrated Circuits Consume No Standby Power

NEC and Rohm are going back and forth on new engineering breakthroughs that will allow integrated circuits inside chips to consume no power when they're briefly inactive between cycles. And unlike most chip-level developments on the edge, we may see the technology in consumer products by the end of the year.

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Server Cluster to Be Powered by Giant Wind Farms

Texas company Baryonyx has plans to build a 28,000-square-foot data center in Stratford, Texas, which will be powered by 38,000 acres of offshore wind turbines, and another 8,000 acres of onshore turbines.

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Bibliospherical Orb of Doom Constructed in Germany

Bibliosphere at Night:  Greeen! Architects

The Bibliosphere--a sustainable structure featuring renewable energy sources, plus natural lighting and ventilation--was designed by Greeen! Architects to serve as the main attraction for the University of Duisburg-Essen. By the looks of it, I think they succeeded in their mission.

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Windpower Could Provide 40 Times Earth's Power Needs

A team at Harvard decided to reinvestigate the potential for windpower around the globe, and found their new results to be significantly different than previous studies. According to the new study, we're capable of someday producing 40 times more power via wind than we currently consume overall.

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GE's Net Zero Home Project Aims For Energy Neutral Living By 2015

Using smart grid tech, solar panels and energy-efficient appliances to create homes that produce as much energy as they use

By 2015, if General Electric has their way, all our homes will be running on smart grids with mini-turbines and solar panels to produce electricity, consuming zero net energy in the process.

GE says that their smart energy system, dubbed the Net Zero Home project, will center around a $250 central management hub that will allow all of a home's networked appliances and on-site power-producing equipment talk to each other, as well as to the smart grid outside the home..

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Green Dream: A Solar-Powered Water Boiler

Heating your home's water supply without using gas or oil

Click Here for last month's entry - Stage #1: Build the Box

Stage #2: Solar Water Boiler

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