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The rumor mill has been heating all day, and right now it’s simply too hot to ignore: the Wall Street Journal says that people “briefed by the company” report that Apple’s long-awaited tablet will ship in March for around $1,000, with a formal announcement coming from the company at a January 27th event.

Right now details are scant, but the Journal seems confident that we can expect a 10- or 11-inch screen that will do all the things we’ve been expecting: display TV shows, films, and books, as well as play games, run apps and surf the Web. The price tag could also include (or be subsidized by) a subscription to a "nationwide Wi-Fi wireless service" (not a mobile data plan?).

Of course, the most exciting thing about the growing e-reader space at large and the Apple Tablet in particular is the potential to change the way users interact with print media.

As one of many, many media entities living in both digital and print, we’re thrilled by the many visions for the future of personal media consumption floating around out there. If you recall, our mothership company, Bonnier, even dreamed up a pretty sick version. And while the steep $1,000 price tag is a bit off-putting, the fact that we might be holding some semblance of digital media’s future in our hot little hands within three months is exciting, to say the very least.

[WSJ via Gizmodo]

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Does someone have a link to the wallpaper used on the mac in the above image...I've been searching for it for a while now.

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