Play games and improve those motor skills

New Study To Link Video Games With Childhood Development

A University of Tasmania researcher is looking at using modern gaming technology to investigate ways of improving motor skills which could lead to more rewarding participation in sport for some children. The simple act of reaching your right hand across your body to pick up an object on your left side seems like second nature to most, but this movement can be difficult for some children.

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New York State Wants to Put Emergency Alerts in Your Online Games

What's this real-world alert doing in my Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer session?

Imagine playing a frantic session of the video game Modern Warfare 2 in the virtual ruins of suburban USA, and suddenly seeing a scrolling message that announces a real manmade or natural disaster appear on the TV. Such a meta-experience may soon arrive via your Xbox, PlayStation or Wii, because New York State officials have begun testing a plan for emergency alert broadcasts over online gaming networks.

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A Cool Way to Wii-Charge your Wii-Motes

Less battery clutter thanks to wireless recharge for Wii controllers

Energizer’s Power & Play package wirelessly recharges the batteries in Nintendo’s Wii remote controllers, spelling the end for one of the most annoying things about the novel games machine: Having to replace the AA-sized batteries every time they run out. And if you’re a casual gamer who only picks up a game a couple of times a month – which is the majority of Wii owners – that probably means having to replace the batteries every second time you decide to switch the machine on.

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The Horror: Life-Like Baby Made Into Wii Controller

Halloween's not over yet, folks. Nintendo ups the creepy game applications with a crying Wiimote-powered doll

People who hate creepy kids and Halloween aren't out of the woods yet. A new Wii-exclusive Baby and Me arrives just in time for the holiday season, so that every Nintendo-loving household can stick a wiimote in an anatomically correct doll's back to rock it lovingly via accelerometer and hear its gurgles, giggles and wails through a tinny Wiimote speaker.

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Are Wii Balance Boards the Future of Airport Security?

Researchers use fun game controllers as part of $20 million effort to screen airport passengers

Airport screening technology has turned to an unusual accessory -- the Nintendo Wii balance board -- to identify fidgety, nervous passengers who might have explosives or illegal items concealed on their persons. Or they could have had a long day and just don't want to stand still.

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Nintendo Patent Reveals Horseback Saddle Controller For the Wii

Wii enthusiasts could enjoy even more embarrassing flailing if this patented saddle-controller ever comes to fruition.

You can already swing a metaphorical tennis racket, do the virtual hula or drive a virtual steering wheel. So what could possibly be next for the Wii?

Why, this inflatable horseback riding saddle controller, of course. Seriously—-a saddle. To ride in your living room.

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CPR Certification At Home With Nintendo's Wii

Heartening or horrifying news, depending on your outlook -- the American Heart Association has pledged $50,000 in funding for a student project to develop a CPR teaching program for Nintendo's motion-controlled Wii.

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A Look at Nintendo's MotionPlus

The guys at Kotaku have a go with the Nintendo MotionPlus control a day before we head out to their Sydney launch

All day, we’ve been bringing you new impressions of Nintendo’s big holiday games, but allow us to note some little things of possible importance from our time with those titles.

Small things I observed:

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Scientists confirm the obvious: Video games are no substitute for exercise

But a session on the Wii can still help a little…

Interactive sports video games such as the Nintendo Wii are better for children than conventional computer games, but do not tackle the epidemic of childhood obesity, British research shows.

The study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found that playing virtual sports such as tennis, boxing and bowling on Nintendo Wii burned more than 50 per cent more energy than playing sedentary computer games such as Xbox.

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Wii Vitality Sensor Monitors Gamers' Heart Rates During Play

Innovative new direction for interactive play or creepy medical device disguised as a game?

Apparently Nintendo executives frequent PopSci.com. Last year we evaluated the Wii Fit and begged for more technical ways to quantify how hard someone is working on the Wii. Yesterday, at the E3 conference, Nintendo did just that, unveiling the Wii Vitality Sensor--a finger-clip heart rate monitor add-on.

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Australian Dates For Wii Sports Resort And MotionPlus

Wiggly just a little bit (more accurately) with the Wii Motion Plus

Nintendo Australia has finally revealed the release dates and prices of the Wii MotionPlus add-on and their first game to use it, Wii Sports Resort.

MotionPlus is out on June 11 and will set you back $30. It clips onto the base of your Wiimote to enable finer motion control.

Wii Sports Resort follows six weeks later on July 23 in a $100 bundle that includes the MotionPlus accessory. The successor to Wii Sports adds a bunch of new events, including jet skiing, swordfighting and, er… playing catch with your dog.

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Game Industry Spent $823 Million Promoting Games In '08

Recession? Recession? Did anyone tell the gaming industry this?

The video game industry racked up impressive sales in 2008, pulling in more than $21 billion in sales in the United States alone. That makes for a similarly impressive marketing tab.

According to researchers at the Nielsen Company and its Monitor-Plus advertising monitoring service, the industry spent an astounding $823 million promoting its video game wares to consumers. Hey, you gotta spend money to make money, right? Surely we wouldn't complain.

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Mii Sought in Hit and Run

Sketch artists in Japan look out, you may find it hard to get a job now days...

Calling all cars: Be on lookout for this Mii in connection with a hit and run. Driver last seen in Moo Moo Meadows wearing Mii Outfit B. Suspect is believed to have unlimited blue shells.

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CES 09: Your Source For Wii Knock-offs

Woo hoo, another Wii knock off!

Story from Kotaku Australia

There's a reason the Gaming Showcase at CES doesn't light the gaming world on fire. It's packed to its borders with subwoofer-filled seating designed for games and lame Chinese knock-offs, like the iSports.

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The Future of Gaming

The year may have barely began, but it's already offering a sneak peek at what interactive entertainment will mean tomorrow

Welcome to 2009. We have seen the future of gaming, and it looks a lot like its for your mother, grandfather and ADD-afflicted pals. Cheerfully, there's still hope for hardcore PC and console enthusiasts. It just doesn’t come in a shiny, shrink-wrapped retail box.

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