High-definition video viewing is on its way

GPU-accelerated HD A union between Adobe and NVIDIA demonstrated Notebook Journal

Netbooks are fantastic portable devices that allow you to take a compact computer with you that support most everyday computing tasks. When work turns to play however, netbooks become a little lax on the high-definition Flash video playback front.

Quite a while ago, Adobe and NVIDIA proclaimed that they would offer support for GPU-accelerated Flash playback (currently Adobe Flash relies on CPU power, which netbooks are generally lacking), for fans of HD viewing. Now, according to Liliputing, the team from Notebook Journal has posted a video of the new technology at work.

You may want to skip the first minute of footage, which showcases similar results to anyone who’s tried viewing an HD Flash video on a netbook: namely, jumpy and generally unwatchable. We can expect the technology to be made publically available in the first half of next year.



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its already been removed from youtube

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