Star Wars Universe Invades Sydney's Powerhouse Museum

Even Trekkers can't deny that this is kinda cool

Sydneysiders bitter about the fact that the Game On gaming expo seemed to bunny hop right over the nation's largest city can feel some relief today with the opening of the "Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination" exhibition at the Powerhouse museum. The exhibit brings together props and costumes from all six of the Star Wars films, and combines them with interviews from key people involved in the production of the films.

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The Science of Sci-Fi

Our resident film physicist tackles the final frontier and finds some key pointers for our own space travels

In the world of cinematic science fiction one of the most appealing themes involves a universe brimming over with intelligent life. In this imagined future (or past) humans interact with alien friend and foe because they've at last hammered down the ability to travel to distant stars and galaxies, and, yes, "to boldly go where no man has gone before. Having grown up on the original Star Trek series, observed the effect of the Star Wars movies on the zeitgeist of movie-going generations and enjoyed sci-fi soap operas like Battlestar Galactica, I have to admit I wish we could make it happen; no matter the odds.

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