Telstra Boosts Wireless Broadband To 21Mbps (In Theory)

Telstra unveils its 21Mbps service that, in theory, is the fastest in the world

Telstra launches its super fast internet: ABC

While phone manufacturers and Microsoft are getting all the Mobile World Congress love from the US, the little Aussie Telco that could, Telstra, has been making some pretty big announcements of its own from Barcelona. The Telco has announced that starting February 23 and rolling out over the next two months or so, they'll be launching a new wireless internet modem and offering 21Mbps wireless data speeds through NextG. That's about the same speed as ADSL2+.

Before you get overly excited though and rush out to your nearest TLife store, credit card in hand and a sheepish grin covering your face, know that as with all quoted broadband speeds, you're never going to actually hit 21Mbps - you'll be looking at a figure more like 8Mbps. And until April, the 21Mbps modems will only be available to some business customers, so if you just want to be able to browse Giz on the train all over the country for your personal gratification, you'll have to stick with the slower speeds for now.

Still, the fact that Telstra has pushed this out, (and claims that NextG will hit 42Mbps by the end of the year) is actually really impressive. It's almost painful to say, but the Big T is really leading the world when it comes to 3G and LTE mobile networks. So, Kudos, Telstra.

Now, if we can just do something about pricing...

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Good luck getting a great price on this. For something like ADSL2+ without the wires, you'd probably be expected to fork out $100-200 a month. And let's not get started on the setup costs, although it should be better than having a dedicated line installed.

It would be nice though if Telstra would fix those unexpected outages that happen when you need the net the most, or increase the download limit on their plans to more than 10Gb/month.

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All those services never tell you up front that you'll pretty much never attain those super fast speeds, but will instead be cruising at about a third of the stated rate - although 8Mbps is still pretty fast by comparison to broadband.

What I'm really looking for is unlimited, uncapped broadband or cable which would allow me to surf, download and do whatever anytime without the worries of being slowed :)

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