Rolltop Computing Get ready to roll and go with this multi-touch laptop Orkin Design

Laptops keep getting thinner and lighter, but some concept laptops take portable to a new level. Orkin Design's Rolltop consists of an OLED display that can start as a rolled-up mat and deploy as a multi-touch 17-inch laptop. My beastly HP laptop just shed a tear of envy.

The Orkin laptop can also transform into a tablet PC operable with a stylus, or become a standup flat screen display. A power adapter and other features fit with the carrying canister that comes with a convenient holding strap.

Sony has also gotten in on the action with concept laptops, watches and MP3 players that take advantage of flexible OLED technology. All those went on display at CEATEC 2009 in Chiba, Japan.

This should get any ordinary laptop user excited. But people wondering if a lightweight laptop can still pack in computing power might check out PopSci's own explanation of how to beef up that small PC.

[Gizmodo via Gizmowatch]


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