Because lasers make even the most basic of tasks cooler

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Imagine this. It’s a particularly boring day in the office and time is crawling by. You’ve minimised your computer’s Taskbar so you don’t have to look at the time, but a newfangled watch adorns your wrist constantly reminding you of the time no matter how many times you tell yourself not to look at it. As with many of life’s problems, the solution involves lasers.

According to Gizmodo, designer Andy Kurovets has created a laser watch concept that eliminates the need to constantly see the time. The concept integrates laser technology into a simple-looking wristband that displays the time at the press of a button. The time itself is presented in digital format (because analogue time is too old school to be projected by laser) by way of a laser image, projected from an angled part of the wristband on top of the user’s wrist.

We’ll have to wait and see if this gadget ever makes it to the marketplace, but nothing says futuristic like a laser-projecting watch.



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hmmm gonna be a hard toss up between the LG watch and this if it ends up being over $100... or $10 for that matter