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How to Build an F1 Car - Red Bull Style

Red Bull Racing illustrates how an F1 car comes together in stunning 3D

In 2009 Red Bull will run two teams in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship. Junior team Scuderia Toro Rosso and main team Red Bull Racing, of which Australian Mark Webber is the lead driver. Ironically though, it was Scuderia Toro Rosso who made waves last year by winning the Italian Grand Prix with Sebastian Vettel who now drives for Red Bull Racing.

Before they hit the track in force next weekend for the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, Red Bull put together this amazing video on how and F1 car comes together.

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World Rally Car Epic Failure

It's Friday again! This is what pure awesomeness tastes like. So to ease you into the weekend, check out this great video

Petter Solberg, former World Rally Champion, displaying why he isn't a rocket scientist.

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The Agony of the Heat

One man eats the world's hottest pepper. The rest of the world watches, and winces

We’ve all been there: you bite into a hot pepper and then instantly regret it, clawing in vain at your tongue in the restaurant men’s room. (Wait, that was just me.) Ever wonder just what, chemically and physiologically, is going on during that agony? The latest Science of Youtube episode lets you get all the fun facts while watching someone else take the heat.

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The Petaminx: A Mind-Boggling, Satan-Loving Homemade Dodecahedral Puzzle

The cruelest brain teaser ever perhaps!

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How Stimulating!

Electric shocks to the muscles of the face cause painful, hilarious contortions

Daito Manabe sticks electrodes on his face and films the results. Last month we found out why -- now here's a look at how it works.

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Diet Cola, Mentos and Two Idiots Dressed as Scientists

Could it be Friday again already? Yes, so here is your weekly does of awesome You Tube science

We all know what happens when you stick a Mentos in a bottle of cola. Now here's what happens when you add two idiots to the mix. These guys obviously have way too much time and money on their hands but the results are something quite awesome. Hit the jump to see the video and enjoy the weekend!

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Tilt Train Technology

With the Sydney to Canberra high-speed rail link being proposed, PopSci takes a look at the technology of the tilt train

The NSW Government is thinking about building a high-speed rail line from Sydney to Canberra. Now, don’t get us wrong, this might not utilize a tilt train. In fact, if it includes building all new rail lines, it is a distinct possibility that a tilt train wont be used. However, the idea behind the tilt train is one of the more fascinating aspects of rail, so we’ve had a quick look to find out just how it works.

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Dell's New Ultra-Thin Laptop and Inkless Printer

Dell's new ultra-thin laptop gets a good friskin' by a random. They also released an inkless portable printer for the Polaroid mourners

For those of you who have just visited the Dell Australia website, you may have noticed the new Adamo advert. In brief, it's their new ultra-thin laptop, an answer, if you will, to the Apple MacBook Air. Being that Dell threw a few press releases to the media today, we're betting some of you have been on the Dell website and are slightly curious about the new lappie. Well, the website points us to a YouTube video that gives you a hands-on look at what the Adamo is all about, so to round out your Wednesday, take a peek.

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Red Bull Racing Launch 2009 F1 Car Virtually

Australian Mark Webber's new ride for the 2009 F1 season has been unveiled virtually in a 3D video you can watch here, a day before the real launch

The Red Bull Racing F1 team has launched their 2009 challenger in a 3D video, more than 24 hours before the physical launch of the car. With arguably the most significant changes to the cars in the history of Formula 1 taking place this year, the team has put together this video that explains the changes. Narrated by the team's new recruit, German Sebastian Vettel (who became the youngest ever F1 winner last year), the video literally transforms the 2008 car into the 2009 one so you can see all the changes that have taken place and understand the effect they will have.

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Threat Watch, LHC?

A new report has people insisting the LHC's miniscule black holes might be more dangerous than previously believed

After decades of work, the Large Hadron Collider went live 143 days ago and went down 139 days ago. Its being offline, however, has hardly put an end to speculation over what exactly will happen when the repairs are completed and the switch is flipped on the world's largest particle accelerator. Scientists from the Universities of Bologna and Alabama recently submitted a paper to Cornelll's exploring the possibility that those (harmless) microscopic black holes we'd heard so much about could stick around longer than previously believed. No matter that their conclusion was basically, still: "so what? Ain't gonna do nothin." News outlets,as SciAm notes, jumped over the story and the anti-LHC kook-contingent resurfaced.

So here's to you, naysayers and doomsdayers alike. After the jump, a very special episode of "Science of YouTube," wherein the LHC goes online and the Earth is destroyed. Enjoy!

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Volvo to Expand Green Racer

Volvo has always been renowned for its safety standards but its green initiatives in motorsports are also pretty unique

In 2008 Volvo introduced the Green Racer to the Swedish Touring Car series. Based on the C30 road car, this tiny racer was powered by E85 bioethanol fuel. It has 2.0 litre engine and produces 215kW of power. The success of its rollout in the Swedish Touring Car series has led to Volvo attempting to enter the British Touring Car series this year with the Green Racer.

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iPhone Rubik Cube Solver Is Pure Genius

Ever sat around for hours trying to solve one of these things? We'll, the time has come to finally finish it... the easy way!

CubeCheater--a Rubik cube solver in 20 moves--is one of those iPhone applications that make you smile when you see it in action because it is simply pure genius. This is how it works.

• First you have to tell the app the state of your Rubik's cube.
• You can do this with two methods: Either painting the faces of the cube or, better yet, taking a photo of each of the faces.
• The program will analyse the faces and, after a few seconds, it will tell you the solution step by step, using a 3D interface.

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The Strangest, Coolest, Freakiest Chair in the World

Eat your heart out Ikea! This chair will blow your mind, and that's not an oversell.

Yesterday while he was doing some extremely important work that could change the shape of the earth, Popular Science magazine editor Kevin Cheung alerted me to this video. I wasn’t altering the shape of the earth so I’ve taken the time to post it here. I don’t think even Professor Charlie Epps from Numbers could figure this thing out! Click the link to see the full video.

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F1 car VS Powerboat VS Superbike

There are so many scientific angles we could take with this, but who are we kidding, this is just cool!

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The Science of YouTube: Lightning

In this episode: a close-up look at stormy weather

John Pavlus and Christopher Mims, also known as Small Mammal, are here again with the latest episode of The Science of YouTube, the Popular Science video series that humanely anesthetizes YouTube videos, dissects them deftly, and labels their exposed organs for all to enjoy.

What happens when lightning strikes? A lot of bad language, for starters.

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