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Steve Fossett's Plane Discovered

A year and a month after disappearing, evidence of the millionaire adventurer is uncovered

Almost 13 months after adventurer Steve Fossett disappeared in a single-engine plane over Nevada, and a year to the day since the search was suspended, the wreckage of his Bellanca 8KCAB (N240R) has been discovered in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Fossett's body is still missing.

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Welcome to the Valley

Spooked? In our first episode of The Science of YouTube, we take a ride down into the Uncanny Valley and explore that familiar-yet-different feeling

Way back in 1919 Sigmund Freud postulated his concept of the uncanny. In the (cleverly named) The Uncanny, Freud explored a problem of aesthetics—when something is both familiar and unknown the experience of viewing it can be strongly unsettling. Fifty years later, roboticist Masahiro Mori presented his own work on the uncanny. Drawing heavily on his predecessor's work, Mori developed his "uncanny valley" hypothesis.

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FusionMan Makes Historic Jet-Propelled Flight

After a rain delay, daredevil Yves Rossy successfully crosses the English Channel in a homemade jet-wing

FusionMan:  Daily Mail

Following in the vapor trail of aviator Louis Bleriot, Yves Rossy made a historic flight of his own across the English Channel this morning. After yesterday's poor weather delayed his planned passage, Rossy—also known as FusionMan—became the first human to cross using jet propulsion.

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First Look: The Android Phone

PopSci's on hand as the long-awaited "Google phone" is unveiled

Ring, Ring, Ring:
Toll the clarion bells, the G-Phone is here. This morning, T-Mobile unveiled the first Android platform-based phone. We'll have a more indepth analysis shortly, but in the meantime some first impressions.

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The Internet of the Future

Can we ever be brought together by a technology that has no common ground?

What is the Internet? Seems simple, but in truth that's an increasingly loaded question; one that we can answer only by bringing our own cultural values and historical background to the table.

In short, as long as we're working from the same baseline, we're good. Add an alternate set of norms into the experience and the definition grows messier. Add in a different language (with its linguistic consequences), platform, or even pay scheme and the idea of a singular Internet becomes unattainable. So where does that leave those of us hoping to understand the future of the Internet.

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Intertube Products For the Rest of Us

Wherein we troll the Web 2.0 Expo floor and discover it's not all business

I am falling down the rabbit hole here at the Web 2.0 Expo. It's easy to spend hours wandering the floor, through aisles after aisles filled with "business solutions." A shipping container filled with servers: Why not? Twitter for businesses? Sounds good. I can assure you there is no other place where you will hear the words "scalability," "modular" and "sticky" thrown around with such gleeful abandon.

Which makes stumbling upon a cool-for-the-rest-of-us product or service that much more satisfying.

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Why Digg is the New Digg and You're My New Editor

At the Web 2.0 Expo "social media" is on everyones' lips. But are its days numbered?

Day two at the Web 2.0 Expo, and the name of the game is, without a doubt, social media. To hell with professional editors and publishers; the new world Web order is built on the backs of the people. Or so every speaker and every wide-eyed business owner frantically scribbling notes here would have us believe. All we have to learn is how to game wisdom of the masses and we're gold

But is it that simple?

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Wii've Lost Control

Nintendo courts a suit over its innovative controller

Ah the sweet smell of litigation in the afternoon. Nintendo, hardly a shrinking violet when it comes to courting lawsuits, is being sued Hillcrest Labs over the provenance of the Wii controller.

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