Nuclear Submarines Collide in Atlantic

French and British Nuclear Submarines have collided in the Atlantic Ocean

The British Sun newspaper has revealed that French and British Nuclear submarines have collided in the Atlantic Ocean. The collision occurred earlier this month between the HMS Vanguard and France's Le Triomphant but none of the nuclear parts of either submarine were damaged in the accident. The 150 metre long submarines were carrying around 250 sailors. There have been no reports of injuries.

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Volvo to Expand Green Racer

Volvo has always been renowned for its safety standards but its green initiatives in motorsports are also pretty unique

In 2008 Volvo introduced the Green Racer to the Swedish Touring Car series. Based on the C30 road car, this tiny racer was powered by E85 bioethanol fuel. It has 2.0 litre engine and produces 215kW of power. The success of its rollout in the Swedish Touring Car series has led to Volvo attempting to enter the British Touring Car series this year with the Green Racer.

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Britain Finally Sees the Light, Admits Biofuels Are Bad News

A new report shows that biofuels are linked to higher food prices and increased poverty, but European Union doesn’t take heed

Are Biofuels Starving the World?:  iStockphoto
It’s common sense—people need food first, fuel second.

But today, Britain became the first Western nation to announce that its biofuel production will be curbed, since it’s likely causing rising food prices and rainforest destruction.

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