This Week in the Future, September 28-October 2, 2020:  Illustration by Baarbarian
Cyborg monkeys surf on OLED pickles. Ships emit slime, and our own Mikey Sklar's Benz runs on vegetable oil. And a knife-wielding, thought-controlled robot still can't conquer Japan. This is the Future.

Some of our favorite stories this week:

  • Warships of the future may emit a lubricating slime from their hulls to glide through water with less resistance, increasing speed and fuel efficiency
  • And speaking of slime, our resident DIY guru Mikey Sklar's 1984 diesel Benz runs on vegetable oil. Here's how he converted it.
  • An MIT scientist artfully demonstrates how organic LEDs work by making one out of a good ol' kosher dill.
  • Japan's Robo-One competition features, among many other 'bots, one that's controlled via neural signals and stabs with a knife
  • Monkeys have already moved cyborg arms with their minds, but now they're doing it WIRELESSLY thanks to a new implant created in Utah
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  • And James Naismith be proud--in the future, students of your ball-in-peach-basket game will make unbelievable--yet physically possible--basketball shots from hundreds of feet away.

Illustration by the great Baarbarian


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