Solar Powered Shaggin’ Wagon

This new hybrid van is making hybrid motoring sexy

The future of the road trip is looking good: Popular Science Magazine

Hollywood celebrities such as Cameron Diaz are putting their names behind innovative cars such as the Toyota Prius. But when it comes to making hybrid cars sexy, Canadian industrial design company Verdier feels it can go even further with its new solar-powered hybrid kombi look-alike.

Still in the prototype stage, Verdier has already taken orders and plans to roll out the first of 250 vans in 2010. With a price tag of US$129,000, they’re not cheap, but their environmental credentials and kombi chic are certain to make them a hot item for cashed-up cool kids.

“People are concerned about nature because they no longer have enough contact with it. A lot of the technology in the car is oriented to get to nature and connect with it and use it,” says company boss Alexandre Verdier, who already has orders from Dubai and the Netherlands.


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