Chinese Astronaut to Walk in Space

China plans to be the third nation to send a human out into the dark vacuum

China is primed to earn a proverbial bronze medal within the next week as the third country to conduct a space walk. The launch of China's third manned space mission should occur between today and next Tuesday from the Jiquan launch pad in Inner Mongolia. Some Chinese media report that this statement-making event will occur at 9 this evening.

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China: Gold Basket of the World

Virtual gold production is a huge industry

As a newly minted WoW-head (that's World of Warcraft for you noobs), I've always wondered just how all those "gold farmers" who try to sell virtual gold within in the game came by their vast, ill-gotten riches. I'd heard rumors of sweatshops in China where people are forced to drink Mountain Dew and kill Fel Orcs for 16 hours straight, but that sounded too strange to be true -- and, at the same time, not too different from the average college dormitory.

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Did Pandas Sense the China Earthquake?

Reports surface that a group of the animals acted strangely prior to the big quake

The death toll from the Sichuan earthquake is reportedly upwards of 55,000 at this point. Many survivors are living outside, in tents, afraid that aftershocks will topple their homes. But officials are also trying to care for the animal population, sending food to the animals at the China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center, which is just about 20 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake.

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Monitoring Aftershocks in China

A scientist due to study the seismic activity near the Three Gorges Dam now turns to listening for the leftovers of the massive Sichuan earthquake

Texas Tech geophysicist Hua-wei Zhou touched down in Beijing just 40 minutes before the devastating Sichuan province earthquake struck. He and his colleagues were planning to embark on a project to set up 60 seismometers designed to listen for mini-quakes at the Three Gorges reservoir.

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Super-Slo-Mo Fun With the Casio EX-F1 at the Beijing Zoo

Filming your very own Planet Earth knockoff is easy with one of the most innovative cameras we've seen in a long while

Our own Theodore Gray (the man behind Gray Matter's mad science) is currently in China, and he's taken the opportunity to put his new Casio EX-F1 high-speed camera to excellent use at the Beijing Zoo. And when we say excellent we mean the majestic hawk at the Beijing zoo defecating and flapping its wings at 300 frames per second kind of excellent. And if that's not enough, he's got a dolphin leaping from beneath the water and a sparrow taking flight to boot.

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Death Toll of China's Quake Climbs

The devastating earthquake originated close to the surface, thus producing intense shaking

The death tolls from the massive earthquake that shook China on Monday have reportedly climbed as high as 13,000 people. More than 18,000 people are still unaccounted for in Mianyang in Sichuan province. And soldiers and medics have just broken through to reach the city of Wenchuan - home to a population of 100,000 - which sits right at the epicenter of the quake.

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Compuer Viruses: Now, Pre-Installed!

More PCs are succumbing to viruses from freshly-minted iPods, digital frames and more

Used to be, you had to connect your PC to the Internet first before it became bloated with viruses and spyware. Now all it may take is plugging in a brand new iPod or digital picture frame—recently, new peripheral devices have been arriving in stores with viruses pre-installed. The problem is most likely stemming from poor quality control in Chinese factories when devices are tested before packaging. As office IT personnel well know, all it takes is one infected machine to spoil the entire network.

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Nuclear Olympics

As the Summer nears, reports surface of multiple security sweeps for radioactive material at Olympic sites

According to the Canadian Press, Chinese and American officials are working in cahoots to remove radioactive material from Olympic sites in advance of the games this summer in Beijing. The work is the latest hurdle the Chinese must overcome with the world watching closely. From pollution to human rights, press coverage to date has been less about the sport and more about the host.

American experts from the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) have taken at least two trips to China hoping to eliminate any material that could be used as a dirty bomb.

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Junkyard on the Moon

A half-century of exploration has left the lunar surface littered with discarded spacecraft, and a bevy of upcoming missions means there's more moon mess to come

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