Holiday Deal: Japanese Store Sells Custom Robot Lookalikes

Just plunk down $225,000 at a Japanese department store and get your own robot twin

Japan's obsession with robotics has led to one of the ultimate sci-fi fantasies (or nightmares): life-size robots customized to look like you and speak in your own voice. The department store Sogo & Seibu wants to deliver that dream to any interested customers starting as soon as next month, but first it plans to test the waters by making this an exclusive two-robot deal.

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Tony Stark's Iron Man Dream Lab

The superhero's suit of armor is pretty cool, but the toys he uses to build it are even more impressive

Yes, there are some great robot fight scenes, nefarious villains, a few human interest plotlines, even characters that seem like genuine people, but the new movie Iron Man is really about the lab, and its ridiculously cool toys.

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