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Holiday Deal: Japanese Store Sells Custom Robot Lookalikes

Just plunk down $225,000 at a Japanese department store and get your own robot twin

Japan's obsession with robotics has led to one of the ultimate sci-fi fantasies (or nightmares): life-size robots customized to look like you and speak in your own voice. The department store Sogo & Seibu wants to deliver that dream to any interested customers starting as soon as next month, but first it plans to test the waters by making this an exclusive two-robot deal.

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Return of the Bodacious 'Bots

Our Sex Files columnist details how sci-fi writers, artists and engineers represent women. Final verdict? "I, for one, welcome our new fembot overlords!"

It's the ultimate geek fantasy: a metal-and-plastic woman of your own, brought alive by technology (the geek's own stock-in-trade), who somehow becomes hopelessly devoted to you. In both science and science fiction, the creation of female robots has tended to revolve around a housekeeper-whore dichotomy: the fembot is either a docile domestic helper, or a sexually uncontrolled, well, sex machine. Historically, she has simultaneously embodied men’s deep desire for idealized domestic companionship and their fears of being destroyed by unbridled female sexuality.

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