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Japanese Team Crosses Australia, Takes Global Green Challenge

After nearly four days, 3,000km and lots of baking Australian sun, a team from Japan's Tokai University edged out 31 other competitors to bring home a solar victory in the 2009 Global Green Challenge

A team of solar-car scientists from Japan's Tokai University turned the intense rays of central Australia into victory in the 2009 Global Green Challenge. The team covered nearly 3,000km over four days in their solar-powered Tokai Challenger to claim first place among the Challenge's solar-vehicle field.

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Nissan's Lean, Green 'Land Glider' Banks Like a Motorcycle, Feels Like A Plane

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a Nissan? Though limited to terrestrial travel, the concept Land Glider automobile from Nissan banks like an airplane, tilting into corners, giving drivers the sensation of flying. But, the likenesses to aviation don't end there. The two-seater orients driver and passenger in tandem -- one in front and one in back -- and rather than a steering wheel, the Land Glider has airplane-style, computer-guided yoke controls.

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e-Wolf's e2 Next-Gen EV Supercar a Handsome Powerhouse

e-Wolf's e2 Electric Vehicle: With a top speed of 155 mph and 0-60 acceleration in under four seconds, the e2's performance is nothing to scoff at (for an EV especially).  e-Wolf
No sooner does Tesla announce that it's expanding its vision to include minivans and crossovers, e-Wolf unveils an EV supercar that’s so sporty we’ve forgotten what Tesla’s Roadster even looks like. With a top speed of 155 miles per hour and a 0-60 acceleration that clocks in under four seconds, it has the performance to (somewhat) match its Italian playboy good looks, and its all-wheel drive (each wheel is powered by an independent electric motor) should be able to keep all 2,000 pounds of it on the road.

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MIT's Project elEVen: an Electric Car That Recharges in Under 11 Minutes

MIT's Electric Vehicle Team is working on Project elEVen, an electric car which aspires to top 100 mph, travel 200 miles on a single charge, and rejuice in around 10 minutes.

The team is starting with a Lincoln Milan hybrid, whose engine they have gutted and converted to all-electric power. Their goal is to create an electric car that has mainstream appeal, both in looks and performance, while staying true to an all-electric design.

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Test Drive: Zero Motorcycles' Electric Zero S

The latest contender in the burgeoning zero-emissions all-electric motorcycle field is here--how does it stack up against the competition?

It’s shaping up to be the summer of the electric moto--in addition to Brammo’s Enertia, which we drove last month, Zero Motorcycles has just begun shipping their Zero S all-electric bike. How does the latest battery-powered ride compare? We took one for a spin to find out.

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Electric Car Prototypes Are Hitting the Road

There's reason to believe the hype

Suddenly electric-car prototypes are everywhere. We’re not talking about the dubious concept cars that have long been a staple of the big international auto shows. These are actual, drivable electric vehicles (EVs) built by major automakers and assigned honest-to-God production dates as early as late next year. Their arrival suggests that this latest, much-hyped electric-car revival might just happen after all. Here’s a look at what’s coming.

Chevrolet Volt:  Courtesy Chevrolet

Chevrolet Volt

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Test Drive: Brammo Enertia All-Electric Motorcycle, Coming to a Best Buy Near You

Taking Brammo's whisper-quiet, all-electric Enertia for a spin in Manhattan

Yesterday I seized the chance to throw a leg over the incredibly svelte Brammo Enertia--280 pounds of mean, green technology. Powered by six lithium-ion batteries stacked in a patented frame, the Enertia cuts a futuristic profile but it's not merely a prototype: a racing version will take part in this weekend's all-electric TTXGP race, and as of July 5th, anyone with a motorcycle license in Portland, Oregon can walk into Best Buy and purchase one. Try doing that with a Vespa.

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This Is the Future... Of Cutting the Grass

Husqvarna's new all-electric concept makes mowing the lawn as sleek and futuristic as you always knew it could be

Mowing the lawn may not be the most glamorous chore, but Husqvarna’s new concept mower might change the image of grass grooming forever. Powered by a fully electric and rechargeable lithium phosphate battery, the mower can zip along for 2 grass-decapitating hours.

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Race Cars to Join Motorcycles at the 2010 All-Electric TTXGP

Cars powered by hot-swappable batteries could join motorcycles at next year's all-electric Gran Prix on the Isle of Man.

A pit crew swarms around an open-wheel racecar, but instead of hoisting a fuel-fill tank they hot-swap its battery packs and send the driver back into the race. That could be the scene at next year's TTXGP -- an all-electric motorcycle race set for its inaugural running this Friday on the UK's Isle of Man. The event's organizers announced this week they were seeking to include four-wheeled vehicles for 2010.

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Beware the Bear?

Or befriend the bear?

This story of a man and his best friend, an 800-pound grizzly bear, is sweet and all. And it's pretty cute that the bear served as best man in his wedding. But doesn't this kind of thing always come back around to literally bite you in the butt? Incidentally, one of the google ads running along the bottom of the video was, "Bear Butchered Man in Ukrainian Zoo."

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