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It's Electric: Chrysler Reveals Alternative-Energy Prototypes

Chrysler reveals what could be its best-kept secret: an electric-car program

Not to be outdone by GM's Chevy Volt hoopla last week, Chrysler today revealed three prototypes from its own electric-car program earlier today on CNBC. Who knew Chrysler had an electric-car program? Practically no one. But the company calls it ENVI, pronounced "envy," and the first consumer product from the program could appear as early as 2010.

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2011 Chevy Volt Unveiled

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Today, after a nearly two-year tease, General Motors unveiled the final design for the car that it hopes will save the company: the 2011 Chevrolet Volt, the world's first production plug-in hybrid. The Volt is designed to drive 40 miles on a single charge of its giant lithium-ion battery; after that, an onboard 1.4-liter four-cylinder flex-fuel engine kicks in to power the electric motors that drive the car. GM will most likely make 10,000 of the cars in the first year of production; it's expected to go on sale in November 2010.

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THiNK Electric Car Maker Again Sets Sights on the US

After a fresh round of investment, the Norwegian firm plans to bring its small, efficient vehicles back to North America

A Norwegian electric-vehicle manufacturer best known for a Y2K-era commuter-car venture with Ford is plotting a solo return to the states. Flush with cash from Silicon Valley angel investors RockPort Capital Partners and Kleiner Perkins, Caulfield and Byers, THiNK North America plans to start selling a version of its 95-percent-recyclable City car to US buyers starting in 2009. The company also plans to introduce the larger Ox (pictured) by 2010/2011.

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Who Killed the Gas Guzzler?

The leading importer of electric vehicles talks about micro-cars, a 155mph battery-powered SUV and neon paint jobs

Steven Schneider has been selling cars-everything from tiny European imports to boat-like Lincolns-nearly his entire life. Now, as CEO of ZAP (for Zero Air Pollution) in Santa Rosa, California, he specializes in the distribution of small, fuel-efficient automobiles. It´s a job, he says, that makes him feel less like the stereotype car salesman with plaid pants and a white belt.

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