Forget the Flying Car: Here ComesThe Flying Motorcycle

How to build a commercially viable flying car: first, make it a motorcycle. The idea of creating a personal transportation craft that can both take to the skies and travel along the ground has been alive as long as science fiction. But meeting both the FAA's regulations for aircraft while simultaneously meeting the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration's guidelines for automobiles means compromises on both sides.

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You Built What?! The Luxury Motorcycle Sidecar

A French builder attaches the body of a sports car to a motorcycle

In 1989, François Knorreck took a long ride in the sidecar of a friend’s motorcycle and enjoyed it so much that he decided to build a rig of his own. Now, 20 years, 63 bodywork molds and innumerable headaches later, he has it: a handcrafted masterpiece that’s part motorcycle, part Lamborghini.

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World's Fastest Electric Motorcycle Sets New Record

In a high-velocity demonstration that proves green and badass can coexist in the same vehicle, Mission Motors has set a new speed record for electric motorcycles.

Topping out at 161 mph, the Mission One motorcycle beat out 70 percent of the gasoline-burning bikes during a recent event at the Bonneville Speedway in Utah.

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You Built What!? Lrry, A Fire Breathing Robo-Beast

Meet Lrry, a part-equine, part-reptile fire-breathing monster

Slow Ride: “Lrry has no brakes,” says builder Lyle Rowell. “Nor do I.”  Elle Dunn
Don’t call Lyle Rowell’s giant fire-breathing robot a dog. The artist, who lives in Rimini, Italy, insists that his 1,900-pound creation, Lrry (pronounced “Larry”), is actually a cloven-hooved, two-legged, half-donkey, half-raptor-type-reptile.

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Robot Rides Motorcycles Efficiently, Terrifyingly

Flossie: Plotting our 2-wheeled demise

Let me introduce you to Flossie, the creepy motorcycle-driving robot. She will drive through scorching heat and freezing cold without a complaint. She will shift perfectly every time. She will haunt your dreams.

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Test Drive: Zero Motorcycles' Electric Zero S

The latest contender in the burgeoning zero-emissions all-electric motorcycle field is here--how does it stack up against the competition?

It’s shaping up to be the summer of the electric moto--in addition to Brammo’s Enertia, which we drove last month, Zero Motorcycles has just begun shipping their Zero S all-electric bike. How does the latest battery-powered ride compare? We took one for a spin to find out.

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Test Drive: Brammo Enertia All-Electric Motorcycle, Coming to a Best Buy Near You

Taking Brammo's whisper-quiet, all-electric Enertia for a spin in Manhattan

Yesterday I seized the chance to throw a leg over the incredibly svelte Brammo Enertia--280 pounds of mean, green technology. Powered by six lithium-ion batteries stacked in a patented frame, the Enertia cuts a futuristic profile but it's not merely a prototype: a racing version will take part in this weekend's all-electric TTXGP race, and as of July 5th, anyone with a motorcycle license in Portland, Oregon can walk into Best Buy and purchase one. Try doing that with a Vespa.

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Race Cars to Join Motorcycles at the 2010 All-Electric TTXGP

Cars powered by hot-swappable batteries could join motorcycles at next year's all-electric Gran Prix on the Isle of Man.

A pit crew swarms around an open-wheel racecar, but instead of hoisting a fuel-fill tank they hot-swap its battery packs and send the driver back into the race. That could be the scene at next year's TTXGP -- an all-electric motorcycle race set for its inaugural running this Friday on the UK's Isle of Man. The event's organizers announced this week they were seeking to include four-wheeled vehicles for 2010.

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Research Into How Humans Think Shows a Light At the End of the Cubicle

Or, better living through motorcycle maintenance

To all the parents and potential doctoral students who worry a Ph.D in political philosophy will lead to a lifetime of waiting tables, here's a counter-argument: it could lead to jobs running your own motorcycle shop and writing about how the trades -- good old-fashioned working with your hands -- are slipping away from us.

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Beware the Bear?

Or befriend the bear?

This story of a man and his best friend, an 800-pound grizzly bear, is sweet and all. And it's pretty cute that the bear served as best man in his wedding. But doesn't this kind of thing always come back around to literally bite you in the butt? Incidentally, one of the google ads running along the bottom of the video was, "Bear Butchered Man in Ukrainian Zoo."

Also in today's links: controlling toxins from forest fires, an island secret uncovered, and more.

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Friday You Tube Hit: The Most Amazing Miss Ever!

Friday You Tube time and this week we take a look at one of the scariest near misses we've ever seen

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The 2009 International Motorcycle Show

Art director Matthew Cokeley leaves the warm PopSci offices to check out the next wave of bikes

Motorcycles are the epitome of the phrase "form follows function." And nowhere is that more evident than at the 2009 International Motorcycle Show. Kicking off this morning at the Jacob Javits center on Manhattan's west side, Popular Science braved the blistering cold to see what's new and what's next.

Here is a sampling.

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A Lighter Frame for a Stronger Bike

Buell's new casting technique produces a stronger, lighter motorcycle

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Technology Under Review Now. Every week, the editors and writers of Popular Science will take their T.U.R.N. breaking down the tech behind the newest gadgets, autos, computers, cameras and more. Dying to see something specific in action? Drop us a suggestion in the comments section. And be sure to tune in to each week.

Buell did not break the mold when it made the 1125CR racing bike. Instead, it washed the mold away—to create a sturdier body.

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A Wearable Motorcycle

Jake Loniak is a college junior; he's also the inventor of one of the most innovative concept vehicles we've seen in ages. Inside: the electric exoskeleton motorcycle and an exclusive video of the beast in action

The transportation program at the Art Center College of Design has produced legendary car designers, including BMW chief of design Chris Bangle and Henrik Fisker, the creator of the Fisker Karma electric supercar. But this year, after professor Bumsuk Lim’s inaugural motorcycle-design class, the buzz is all about bikes, especially Jake Loniak’s exoskeleton motorcycle concept Deus Ex Machina.

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Riding Clean

Powered by environmentally conscious energy sources, these DIY vehicles put traditional gas guzzlers to shame

Among his other unusual hobbies (he also builds sculptures featuring fire-spewing robots), 32-year-old Justin Gray makes custom electric motorcycles. To create his latest drag racer, the R144, Gray tore the motor and gasoline systems out of a 1999 Yamaha R1, a bike with a frame large enough to hold the extra parts he needed for the conversion. Since the gas engine had been an important structural element in the original bike, he built his own aluminum motor bracket to hold the modified bike together.

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