Speed Gene Separates Future Champions From Petting Zoo Ponies

Not sure what to get your favorite Saudi prince or former FEMA chief for their next birthday? Well, look no further than an affordable genetic test for their prize horse. According to a new paper in the Public Library of Science (PLoS), scientists have identified the gene that allows faster running in horses, along with the different alleles that specialize the horse at short, medium, or long distance racing.

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Humans May Be Biologically Able to Run 64km/h, New Study Shows

Runner's Stride: Can future humans pick up the pace?  Wikimedia
Human running speeds top out near 45km/h, if the record-breaking feats of Jamaican speed demon Usain Bolt prove anything. But scientists say that the biological limits of human running could theoretically reach 56 or even 64km/h - assuming that human muscle fibres could contract faster and allow people to pick up their pace.

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World's Fastest Electric Motorcycle Sets New Record

In a high-velocity demonstration that proves green and badass can coexist in the same vehicle, Mission Motors has set a new speed record for electric motorcycles.

Topping out at 161 mph, the Mission One motorcycle beat out 70 percent of the gasoline-burning bikes during a recent event at the Bonneville Speedway in Utah.

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DARPA Readies an Ultra-Fast Mini-Sub

In a world of rapidly evolving threats, every branch of the military is looking for a way to respond as quickly as possible. But whereas the Air Force, Army and Marines can simply fly to whatever hot spot flares up next, the Navy, by its very nature, still needs to sail. That's where the Underwater Express comes in.

Currently, the Navy's fastest submarine can only travel at 25 to 30 knots while submerged. But if everything goes according to plan, the Underwater Express will speed along at 100 knots, allowing the delivery of men and materiel faster than ever.

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PopSci to test drive the Nissan GT-R

Also looking for new staff when the current mob fail to return from test drive

Today Nissan will let the eagerly awaited GT-R loose on Eastern Creek. It will be in the hands of ex-F1 driver and Nissan test driver Toshio Suzuki as well as a bunch of F1 driver wannabe journalists, including us. The classic Nissan Skyline series is one of the most popular cars for enthusiasts and modifiers, and the GT-R is set to continue Nissan’s trend of creating high-performance vehicles for car nuts.

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High Speed Rail Link to Make Canberra Sydney’s Second Airport

The government has been back and forth with this one but finally a sensible plan seems to have been proposed

A high speed rail link could be the answer to Sydney’s air traffic congestion. Sydney needs a second international airport. No one can argue with that. As one of the world’s major cities, it’s amazing that Australia’s international hub only has two runways and has curfews to boot. Curfews that have stranded international passengers in places like Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra when their planes have arrived late.

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Fast Ferry to Manly Begins

Protestors greet the first trip at Circular Quay

There’s something very PopSci about a fast ferry, especially one that has just been deployed in Sydney, the Harbour City. Unfortunately though, there’s not a whole lot we can mull over with this new development. After the JetCats were deemed financially unviable the opportunity to provide a Manly-Circular Quay service with a fast ferry was put up for tender. Bass and Flinders, a Queensland whale watching company won the tender but so far have not impressed many.

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Thin Diesel

A British backhoe manufacturer takes its new engine to an unlikely work site: Utah´s Bonneville Salt Flats

Past owners of the notoriously wheezy diesel Rabbit will find it hard to believe, but this blurry streak is also powered by a four-cylinder diesel. Two of them actually: one for the front wheels and one for the rear. Built for use in front-loaders and forklifts, the 4.4-liter engines were specially tuned to 750 horsepower each by U.K. construction-equipment company JCB as part of an effort to set a new speed record for a diesel-powered car. It paid off.

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Resurrect a Dead Laptop

Got a four- or five-year-old PC laptop you´ve dismissed as useless? Bring it back to life with these tips, then use it as a spare Web and e-mail station in the kitchen or kids´ room

PC RevivalCost: $0-$260 Easy | | | | | Hard

Start by checking the health of your hardware with a free diagnostic program such as #1-Tufftest (tufftest.com).
If the motherboard or screen is shot, forget it. Replacing either one is more expensive and more hassle than buying a new system.
Lost your user manual? Try the manufacturer´s Web site.
Check eBay or craigslist.org for used replacement parts.

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The Quick Chill

Will Marc Norman's secret ice recipe set speed skating records in Salt Lake City?

Marc Norman is standing ice-side in the new skating rink in Salt Lake City, Utah-the site of this year's Winter Olympics. It's noisy in here: Workers are installing a high-tech dehumidifying system. Speaking over the persistent clanging, Norman makes a prediction. "Once that's completed," he says, "we will be able to control just about everything that happens in this building."

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