QANTAS Airbus A330 gets its wires chewed by dog

Maybe that purchase of 19 A330s wasn’t such a good idea Singapore Airlines

A QANTAS A330 taxiing, minus escaped dog in cargo hold:

QANTAS has grounded one of its Airbus A330s after it was revealed that a dog chewed through thick electrical wiring and panels on the plane. First signs of trouble were during a flight from Auckland to Melbourne on December 7, reports. The auxiliary power unit in the rear of the plane was the victim of the dog attack and warning lights in the cockpit of the A330 alerted the pilot to the issue.

When ground crew opened the cargo hold in Melbourne, the dog, now angry and distressed, appeared. At no time was the aircraft in any real danger as the problem was isolated and the affected parts bypassed.

An aviation source told, "The dog ripped out several wires which set off the cockpit warning and then it had a go at a number of electrical units in the rear of the plane.

"Under duress the animal obviously went nuts, biting through anything that it came across.

"I do not know the breed but the dog had to be fairly big with a big bite to damage cargo hold panels that are as tough as billy goat boots - it is difficult to even cut through this material with a knife."

Yesterday we reported that Singapore Airlines had ordered 19 Airbus A330s to serve routes such as Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth to Singapore. So long as there are no dogs around the planes they should be fine.



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What's with Qantas? How could they possibly allow dogs in cargo that are not properly restrained - maybe time for cameras in the cargo hold transmitting to the cockpit?

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It was probably initially restrained by that QANTAS mechanic who fudged his qualifications! Lucky this QANTAS plane didn't have a whole in it's cargo hole blow out while in mid-air, or does that only happen near Manila?

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