Qantas A380 grounded in Los Angeles

Add a little more salt to the wounds there Qantas

Qantas' A380 in flight:

The Nancy-Bird Walton, Qantas’ first A380, has been grounded in Los Angeles. The incident occurred at 10:30pm Los Angeles time, on January 25 and delayed QF12, a non-stop flight from Los Angeles to Sydney. The plane was apparently ready for departure and had left the terminal when a warning sounded in the cockpit alerting the Captain to low oil pressure in one of the engines. The A380 was towed back to the terminal where passengers alighted and were booked into accommodation. The flight was due to take off at midday on the 27th, Los Angeles time.

Qantas’ A380 holds a maximum of 480 passengers, and this one happened to be laden with 450. Although a Qantas spokesperson said it was a minor issue, it must have been a costly one for the Flying Kangaroo as well thanks to the huge capacity of the A380.