US Airways Hudson Crash Recreated In Flight Sim

Flight sim catches the action and puts you in the pilots seat

Flight Sim version of US Airways flight 1549: Kotaku Australia

Story from Kotaku Australia

Bad-ass US Airways pilot Chesley Sullenberger recently completed the first successful water landing of a commercial aircraft in 45 years, touching down on the Hudson River. Now, you can relive the magic, via flight sim.

The BBC's recent report on the amazing, everybody-unbelievably-survived landing recreated the ditching of the Airbus 320 with the help of the folks at Just Flight, creator of fine flight sim add-ons, and Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

According to GameZine, Just Flight turned around the realistic simulation of the US Airways flight 1549 non-disaster over a weekend, giving us a pilot's eye view of the action. It's worth a look, especially for flight sim fanatics and the news-obsessed who can't get enough of this rare bout of positive news.