prostate cancer

Synthetic Molecules Trick Body Into Improved Immune Response to HIV, Cancer

When it comes to eluding detection, HIV and cancer cells are at the top of the class. As such, the few treatments currently available to sufferers of HIV or prostate cancer are generally expensive, often hard to manufacture, and come packaged with a smattering of unpleasant side effects. But Yale researchers have now developed synthetic molecules that help the body recognize HIV and prostate cancer cells as threats, tricking the body into initiating an immune response that it normally would not.

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New hope for men

New drug could take down prostate cancer

Prostate cancer kills 3000 Australian men each year and is one of the country’s most diagnosed forms of the disease. But a new drug being developed by Associate Professor Pei Xiang Xing and his team at Melbourne’s Burnet Institute will give us a better chance of fighting back.

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Drop that Sock! Masturbation May Cause Cancer

New study links ejaculation frequencies to rates of prostate cancer; but the jury's still out

The hairy palms don’t sound so bad, and the blindness seems manageable. But cancer! It’s bad news for both Don Juans and subscribers to Swank Magazine, as a new paper in the British Journal of Urology International (BJU) reports a statistically significant correlation between the frequency of sex and masturbation to the early onset of prostate cancer.

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