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Europe Pledges Over $10 Billion for Climate Change Adaptation in Developing Nations

The European Union hopes the deal can boost chances of further international agreement at the UN's climate summit

A lot of the climate change debate may focus on how to cut carbon dioxide emissions to prevent global temperature rise, but many nations are already struggling with the consequences of local climate change--rising sea levels, water shortages and agricultural problems. Now the European Union has promised over $10 billion over the next three years for a "fast start" fund to help the poorest nations adapt to climate change.

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EPA Officially Declares Greenhouse Gases a Danger as Copenhagen Conference Begins

The U.S. signals its readiness to regulate carbon dioxide emissions; world leaders begin Copenhagen discussions on climate change

Today's symbolic but politically crucial move by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes greenhouse gases as a danger for humans and Earth alike. That would open the doors for new regulations on carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles, power plants and factories, according to the New York Times.

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MIT Redesigns Natural Gas Power Plant For Near-Zero Carbon Emissions

New technology produces energy from fuel without burning it

With the conference in Copenhagen swiftly approaching, and the Senate analog to the Waxman-Markey "American Clean Energy and Security Act" struggling towards the floor, little doubt remains that fossil fuel-burning power plants will soon face either fines for, or mandatory reduction of, carbon emissions. Luckily, a team at MIT has devised a power plant set up that generates power from fossil fuels, but does so with almost none of the carbon emissions.

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New Reactor Uses Sunlight to Turn Water and Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel

Talk about a Eureka moment. Scientists at Sandia National Labs, seeking a means to create cheap and abundant hydrogen to power a hydrogen economy, realized they could use the same technology to "reverse-combust" CO2 back into fuel. Researchers still have to improve the efficiency of the system, but they recently demonstrated a working prototype of their "Sunshine to Petrol" machine that converts waste CO2 to carbon monoxide, and then syngas, consuming nothing but solar energy.

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WWF: We Have Until 2014 To Stop Global Warming

It’s no secret that the world is warming, but a new report published by the World Wildlife Fund suggests we may not have as much time to mull solutions as we think. If the world doesn’t commit to green technologies by 2014, the report says, runaway global warming and economic meltdown are all but unstoppable.

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Largest Carbon Sequestration Plant To Pump 3.3 Million Tons Of CO2 Into Ground

Even before a single ounce of natural gas gets burned in a home or power plant, massive amounts of CO2 have already been released. The process of extracting natural gas releases carbon dioxide pent up in the same wells as the gas, thus adding to the climate-changing impact of the fuel.

To help lower the global warming impact of one of the world's largest natural gas fields, General Electric has supplied Chevron, Exxon Mobile and Shell with enough compression "trains"--the pumps and turbines that do the sequestering--to create the world's largest carbon sequestration project. The trains will pump 3.3 million tons of CO2 released from natural gas mining back into the ground every year. That's the equivalent of taking 630,000 cars off the road.

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EPA To Impose New Greenhouse Gas Regulations

In an attempt to both strengthen the US's negotiating hand in the upcoming Copenhagen climate talks, and to prod domestic lawmakers into swifter action on lasting legislation, the White House has told the Environmental Protection Agency to move forward with new rules regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

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Instant Expert: Alien Hunting

The Big Question: How do we find life outside Earth?

How to Find Life: When starlight passes through a planet’s atmosphere, certain elements absorb specific wavelengths of light, and these show up as dips in the spectrum.  McKibillo
If aliens are out there, the best shot at finding them—assuming they resemble the life-forms on Earth—is to look for planets like ours. E.T.’s home will probably require an atmosphere to have liquid water and keep out solar radiation, so astronomers search for perfectly sized and situated planets surrounded by blankets of life-supporting gases like oxygen and water vapor. Now they know how to recognize that ideal atmosphere.

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From Algae to Ethanol to Plastics

Scientists have repeatedly touted the possibility of turning algae into biofuels. Now a Florida-based company called Algenol is working with Dow Labs in Texas to convert carbon dioxide produced by algae farms into ethanol, which will then be used to make plastics. Even better, the oxygen byproduct left over from the conversion can be used to produce cleaner, more efficient coal power.

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Home-Brewing Biochar in Brooklyn

A New York startup is sequestering carbon and making fuel in an artists' warehouse

Among the hot new ideas afloat in the world of geoengineering is biochar, a form of charcoal that some say could significantly help in carbon sequestration in the future. Re:char, a fledgling company working out of a corner of a cluttered warehouse in a shared artist loft in Brooklyn, New York, is experimenting with biochar production on a very small scale.

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Cleaner Fossil Fuels

Carbon-capture technology comes on the scene

The Big Picture: Carbon-restricting legislation, if enacted, will discourage the use of coal, the dirtiest of all fossil fuels. Natural gas is cleaner but still emits carbon dioxide when burned. Both will be used for decades, but carbon-capture technology could clean them up until they can be replaced completely.

Where We Are Now: 1,460 GW
What We Need by 2050: 3,830 GW (all of it clean)
Tech to Watch: Carbon-to-cement

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Who Released a New Movie That’s Green As it Can Be?


Yep, that’s right. Mickey proves Kermit wrong in the whole “it’s not easy being green” arena with the release of Disneynature’s first film, Earth. Opening today in theaters, the movie follows three animal “families” on a journey for survival across our planet.

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Sustainably Speaking: Buildings, a Better Future

Last week, the owners of the Empire State Building announced they were going to turn their iconic New York landmark green — as in sustainable (the color is fine as is) welcomes Dr. Bill Chameides, dean of Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment. Dr. Chameides blogs at The Green Grok to spark lively discussions about environmental science, keeping you in the know on what the scientific world is discovering and how it affects you – all in plain language and, hopefully, with a bit of fun. partners with The Green Grok, bringing his blog posts directly to our users. Give it a read and get in on the discussion!

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Ice Shelf History Confirms Melting Risk

Even carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere only slightly higher than today could affect the stability of the West Antarctic ice sheet

Even carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere only slightly higher than today could affect the stability of the West Antarctic ice sheet, according to scientists from New Zealand, USA, Italy and Germany.

The research, published in Nature magazine, is based on a 1280m-long core taken from beneath the sea floor under the Ross Ice Shelf during the first project of the ANDRILL (ANtarctic geological DRILLing) research programme.

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The Top Ten Greenhouse Gases's guide to the vapors that are making Earth more toasty

Despite all the talk about carbon capture, carbon footprints and carbon trading, carbon dioxide only causes nine to 26 percent of the greenhouse effect. That means that the majority of warming results from gases with a much lower media profile than the paparazzi-trailed starlet of global warming, CO2. In honor of last weeks’ report in the Journal of Geophysical Research, which identified a brand new greenhouse gas, counts down the gases that bring us bikini weather in Antarctica and beachfront property in Montana.

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