Anti-Paralysis Shot Improves Spinal Recovery Three Times As Fast

Purdue researchers tinkering with a nano-scale cancer drug delivery system may have discovered something just as good: an injection that repairs spinal cord damage far faster than any previous treatment. Synthetic “copolymer micelles” have been used for three decades as drug delivery vehicles in research, but it turns out they can directly treat spinal cord injuries when injected into the bloodstream shortly after an accident.

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Cocaine Vaccine Nullifies the Effect, Helps Abusers Quit

Researchers have shown for the first time today that a vaccine can help reduce drug abuse. There's currently no FDA-approved treatment to get people off of cocaine (or crack), so this could really help out the 2.5 million Americans dependent on cocaine.

Thirty-eight percent of drug abusers who were given the vaccine produced anti-cocaine antibodies. Over the course of seven weeks, these subjects were 45 percent likely to have a cocaine-free pee test, as opposed to 35 percent for those who got placebo vaccine instead.

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Nasal Spray for Better Memory

Snort your way to perfect health? Just last week, we heard that snorting stem cells might be the best way to get them into your noggin. And this week, scientists have declared that a nasal spray can help your memory.

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Chemical Additive to Antibiotics Could Make Them Newly Effective Against Resistant Bacteria

Antibiotic resistance is a huge problem, not to mention an economic drain, for doctors and pharmaceutical makers trying to fight bacterial infections. Many antibiotics in our arsenal are becoming practically useless, as bacteria breed resistance to them. But researchers at Texas Tech University and Baylor University have developed a chemical additive that could make old drugs useful again.

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UCSB Scientists Create Cancer-Stopping Nanoparticle-and-Laser Treatment

Nanotechnology, lasers, genetics, and cancer? If there was also something about space, this story might have been a PopSci full house. Scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), have figured out a way to deliver cancer-stopping RNA directly into the nucleus of a diseased cell. To get into the nucleus, the RNA is wrapped in special gold nanoshells which are then selectively opened by a laser.

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Medicated Patch for Migraines Uses Electricity to Push Drug Through Skin

For medicines that do not go down well in pill form, administering drugs via transdermal patches is nothing new. Patches are currently on the market for nicotine replacement, birth control, and even pain relief. But many drugs, such as an effective migraine medication called sumatriptan, do not pass easily from a patch into the skin. Drug company NuPathe has a solution: at the press of a button, an electric current running through the patch gently prods the meds into your body.

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Lab-on-a-Chip Can Carry Out Over 1,000 Chemical Reactions at Once

Lab-on-a-Chip: 1,000 Reactions in the Palm of Your Hand:  UCLA
Labs-on-a-chip are generally so specialized and specific in what they do, it's futile to try and explain what makes them particularly special. But in the case of this LoC from UCLA faculty, here's what you need to know: it can carry out upwards of a 1,000 different reactions simultaneously, when most others can barely do two or three.

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In Korea, Cloned Drug-Sniffing Dogs Report for Duty

If you find an individual with exceptional talent, why not clone it? That's an idea that may no longer be confined to the realm of science fiction, at least for dogs. South Korea's customs service has now deployed the world's first cloned sniffer puppies for hunting smuggled drugs.

Just 30 percent of natural-born sniffer dogs can normally pass the required training, but South Korean scientists hope that they can improve that to 90 percent by cloning best-of-breed dogs.

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Stealthy Robot "Ferret" Sniffs Out Contraband

Meet the littlest customs agent

Calling a lithe, sniffing robot a "ferret" raises hopes that it'll be rather cuter than the mockup pictured, but the cargo-screening device in development has capabilities that outshine its aesthetic shortcomings. Though still in its beginning stages -- working prototypes will be ready in about two years -- this robot could revolutionize airport and seaport security by serving as an all-in-one drug, weapon, explosive, and illegal-stowaway detection powerhouse.

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Who Drives Better: Drunks or Stoners?

Scientists have built a high-tech simulator to lay this important question to rest

When I slipped behind the wheel of the traffic simulator at Israel's Ben Gurion University recently, it was less than two minutes before I was bumping into the virtual cars and swerving around pedestrians. Maneuvering through the tree-lined urban roads projected in dayglo colors on giant screens was tricky--and I wasn't even one of their hard-drinking or toking research subjects.

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Red Bull Could Give You More Than Just Wings...

Reports have emerged that Red Bull Cola has been found with traces of cocaine in it. Meanwhile, a young New Zealand woman who drank up to 14 cans of Red Bull each day has suffered a mild heart attack

Alcohol is OK in moderation. Chocolate is OK in moderation. Panadol is OK in moderation, and indeed, Red Bull is OK… in moderation. We can’t stress the ‘in moderation’ aspect enough as there are so many activities and products around today that can be seriously harmful to consumers if they are abused.

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Meth addicts can’t read facial expressions

Methamphetamine abusers find it hard to read expressions on people’s faces and therefore struggle to detect emotion in others, a new joint study at Australian Catholic University (ACU National) has found.

Dr Peter Rendell, Associate Professor of Psychology at ACU National, postgraduate student Magdalena Mazur and Julie Henry from the University of NSW tested 20 adults with an average history of four years of methamphetamine (MA) abuse on measures of social reasoning.

These 20 adults were screened from more than 100 MA users who had been formally diagnosed with MA dependence, were not dependent on any other drug and did not have a medical condition.

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Latest Aviation News - Narc Copter

Latest aviation news - flying robots hunt for drugs.

What happened to you, Holland? You used to be cool. As every popped-collar, half-witted frat boy and Bonnaroo-attending, blond dreadlock-wearing neo-hippie moron repeats ad nauseum, you were the country kindest to the kind bud.

Well, apparently Dutch robots aren't quite so accepting of a little puff now and then.

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PharmaSat to Test Drugs in Space

Ever wonder whether antibiotics work in orbit? NASA has

It's miserable enough to be under the weather in the comfort of your home, but imagine coming down with a bad cold when you're stuck inside a small crew module 200,000 miles from Earth. You're coughing on your fellow astronauts and that space food you ate half an hour ago is now floating around your zero-gravity spacecraft.

Luckily, mission control packed some antibiotics into your survival pack... but will they work in space?

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Drug-free Transplants in Sight

Australian scientists have made a discovery that may one day remove the need for a lifetime of toxic immunosuppressive drugs after organ transplants

Australian scientists have made a discovery that may one day remove the need for a lifetime of toxic immunosuppressive drugs after organ transplants.

Professor Jonathan Sprent and Dr Kylie Webster from Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research, in collaboration with colleagues, Dr Shane Grey and Stacey Walters, have successfully tested a method, in experimental mice, of adjusting the immune system for just long enough to receive a tissue transplant and accept it as ‘self’. At no stage, during or after the procedure, is there any need for immunosuppressive drugs.

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