Nick Gilbert
at 03:52 PM December 1 2011
The AT-AT drinks cabinet
IMAGE BY AT-AT by Colin Johnson, images from Imgur
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If you're wanting some a bit more geek than a simple drinks cabinet, then you might just be into looking at this full blown AT-AT model. Unfortunately, we don't think it has lasers that actually work, but it's still plenty impressive. 

Paul Adams
at 04:59 AM September 28 2011
Kyle MacDonald's Scramble Suit
IMAGE BY Kyle MacDonald
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My enduring dream of being able to watch The African Queen with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Hepburn role just got a step closer!

Denise Ngo
at 03:35 AM September 17 2011
Uses for Thread Spools, February 1957
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Venture into any apartment, and you're likely to find an object used for something other than its intended purpose. We've seen ground coffee used to repel ants, curtain fabric used as wallpaper, cardboard boxes used as coffee tables, and to the delight of DIY enthusiasts everywhere, a La-Z-Boy converted into a motorised easy chair. While most of us don't possess the expertise needed to turn chairs into moving vehicles, we've all struggled with the question of whether to dispose of an old household item, or to save it in case it came in handy later. Care to guess what PopSci would tell you to do?

Staff Writers
at 03:05 AM August 23 2011
Tacit Haptic Glove
IMAGE BY Grathio Labs
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Guide dogs are great, but vision-impaired people sometimes need to find their own way through complex environments. Instead of checking for obstacles with a trademark white stick, inventor Steve Hoefer has another idea: Use wrist-mounted sonar.

Hoefer designed a haptic gauntlet with ultrasonic sensors mounted just over the knuckles. The Tacit, as it's called, is encased in a neoprene cuff and can sense objects from about two and a half centimetres all the way up to 3 metres.

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