Clay Dillow
at 10:05 AM November 30 2011
Diagnosis via Touchscreen
IMAGE BY DanielZanetti

The lab-on-a-chip model has been praised as the future of simplified diagnostic medicine - place a sample of saliva, blood, or urine on a small chip-like device that traps disease biomarkers, and send it off to a lab for analysis and diagnosis. But a couple of researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology think we could simplify that process even further by doing the lab work on the touchscreens of our smartphones.

Sean Kane
at 11:15 AM November 9 2011
IMAGE BY gillyberlin on Flickr

A new tool called Euclid Analytics is the physical version of Google Analytics, recording and analysing physical traffic instead of website visitors. The startup's cofounder, Scott Crosby, helped to build the technology of its internet counterpart. But instead of reading IP addresses, Euclid observes physical visitors by listening to smartphone Wi-Fi signals.

Dan Nosowitz
at 10:11 AM November 9 2011
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Nokia Lumia 800, Outdoors
IMAGE BY Dan Nosowitz

The Lumia 800 is supposed to be kismet: Nokia makes great hardware, but terrible software. Windows Phone is great software, but the only phones that use it are yawn-worthy plastic rectangles. The Lumia, Nokia's first Windows Phone, is finally here, and if it's not as, well, new as some might have hoped, it's still a very, very fine smartphone--probably the best Windows Phone out there, which should make it high on your list if you're looking to buy a new phone this year (and you live in Europe and/or are rich).

Nick Gilbert
at 10:04 AM November 4 2011

If you've ever tried to use the Nuance dictation features that came out in the last iOS update, you'll probably have found it to be a little hit and miss. Certainly not a feature you can actually use with certainty. We thought for a moment there we Aussies might just be forgotten, but thankfully there's a whole bullet point dedicated to us in the next 5.0.1 update.

Nick Gilbert
at 10:14 AM November 2 2011

For all you poor sods wonderfully fulfilled people who have made iOS your platform of choice, but miss that bit of extra functionality in your Gmail inbox, it seems that Apple may be on the cusp of approving a native Google Gmail app for iOS.

Nick Gilbert
at 02:38 PM October 28 2011

Windows announced earlier today that everyone will be getting mangoes. Or, maybe it's that everyone on the planet with an eligible Windows phone will be getting an OTA update to the latest Mango release, taking their Windows Phone OS to number 7.5. Both sound good - unless you're the holder of one of three capable handsets that don't fit the bill.

Clay Dillow
at 03:00 PM October 27 2011
The DARPA Arm Imagine a brain-controlled robotic arm that also packed its own connected computer/smartphone/auxiliary devices?
IMAGE BY FDA via Flickr

Trevor Prideaux was having trouble texting. Prideaux, who was born without his left forearm, used to have to balance his smartphone on his prosthetic arm or lay it on a flat surface to text, dial, or otherwise take advantage of the technology. So with some help form the Exeter Mobility Center in Devon, UK, the 50-year-old Prideaux has become the first person to have a smartphone dock embedded in his prosthetic limb.

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