Dan Nosowitz
at 09:10 AM November 23 2011
Invoked Computing, With Banana
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Researchers at the Ishikawa-Oku lab at the University of Tokyo have gone one-up on augmented reality with a system they call "invoked computing." Basically, that means computers will be embedded everywhere in your daily life, and you'll "invoke" operations, so everyday, non-computerised objects - like a banana - can be given computer-like capabilities. This is all leading up to a real-life bananaphone, obviously.

Danika Wilkinson
at 02:31 PM November 7 2011
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Commuting - it's something we all do, and something we all hate. While there's no way of avoiding it, these latest innovations could still make commuting just that little bit awesome.

Clay Dillow
at 03:10 AM September 21 2011
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In the shadow of Launchpad 39A--where the Space Shuttle Atlantis once stood ready for orbit--a team of former NASA engineers laid off when the shuttle program ended are building a rocket-inspired street legal tricycle. And it's not just for kicks. Treycycle Gold--as the company building the bikes is now known--aims to employ more than 100 people within the year, breathing new life into the Space Coast's engineering economy.

Clay Dillow
at 04:28 AM September 7 2011
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The BMW i8 Concept Now with lasers.
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Calling laser headlights "the next logical step" after the LED headlamp, BMW has announced that it will be rolling out laser-based illumination on its next-gen BMW i8 concept and will further develop laser headlight technology for extension across its various models. Why? It saves fuel. And presumably because laser headlights is something we've all secretly wanted on our European sports cars since MI6 tricked out 007's first ride.

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