A Tear in Earth's Magnetic Field?

The Breakdown takes on The Core

From the US PopSci team

In keeping with our movie physics theme of the past few weeks, it seems appropriate to take a look at the trailer from the action "science" disaster film The Core. As with Armageddon and its deadly asteroid, The Core starts with an interesting premise -- the possible disappearance of the Earth's magnetic field.

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A Tech Guide for the Newly Jobless

The Grouse unveils the 13 gadgets, Web sites, and tricks you'll need to weather the unemployed storm

Been laid off? Sacked? Canned? Made redundant? Welcome to the new economy! Now that you’ve parted ways with regular pay, it’s time to make a few lifestyle tweaks to help keep your head bobbing above the poverty line. First of all, don’t worry a thing about your monthly health insurance payment—that nut will disappear all by itself when your coverage runs out. I’m talking about your tech habits and what you need to know while riding out this exile from the working world. As a gadget buff who has clocked some serious time “in between jobs” myself, I offer up this checklist of the bad tech to avoid and the good tech to embrace as you ease into your new situation.

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Want Panasonic Gear? You Should Probably Buy It Before February 1

Buy now or forever hold your silence!

Story from Gizmodo Australia

The current economic climate sucks for just about everyone, but it's about to get even worse. Panasonic Australia has announced that due to the financiapocalypse, plus a poor performing Aussie dollar, the company has had to increase prices on its consumer electronics goods, starting February 1. On average, the increase will be about 10 per cent.

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Nuking Stowaways

Scientists design a microwave device to halt invasive aquatic critters

Transoceanic freighters haul 80 percent of the world’s commercial goods. But those boats inadvertently carry destructive cargo as well. An empty ship can suck up more than 10 million gallons of water to stay balanced as it crosses the open ocean. Upon its arrival into another port, the crew pumps the ballast water and any small animals or plants living in that water—sometimes thousands of organisms per gallon—into foreign harbors, where they invade and damage local ecosystems.

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