Green Gadgets? Not So Much

Research finds that digital technologies contribute to climate change

Bad news, tech lovers. IT is not so eco-friendly. According to University of Calgary researcher Richard Hawkins, digital technologies are not reducing our environmental footprint, but may in fact be turning us all into polluters.

"It was once assumed that there was little or no material dimension to information technology, thus, it should be clean with minimal environmental impact," says Hawkins. "However, we are finding that reality is much more complicated."

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Trying Out Wearable Hydration

Brett Zarda does the Camelbak

What do you buy for an avid cyclist that's already spent a fortune on the latest weightless bike, wireless cycling speaker, and a lifetime supply of yellow Livestrong bracelets? How about a shirt full of water?

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A Morning of Music with Peter Lyngdorf

Our gadget hound listens to several years' salary worth of audio

I hate the word "audiophile," which implies a fanatic who imagines he hears things that don't exist and spends far too much money to get those imaginary sounds. But I do like music. And I'm extremely proud that I was able to put together a respectable stereo system for just $300 (thanks to eBay and close-out sales).

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Wacky Hybrid Appliances

A tanning shower? A washing machine toilet? Check out this round-up of the most brilliant (fine, inept) gadget combinations around

Because a cramped apartment clearly shouldn't interfere with your love of a freshly-tapped keg, or a tan, or clean clothes. From the useful (a toilet which shoulders a washing machine) to the inane (showers sporting tanning lamps!), these gadgets all tap into a deep-seated desire: "It's a thing! That does another thing!"

Folks, this is human ingenuity at its apex. Enjoy.

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Performance Enhancers

The equipment that will optimize your temperature, stop a nosebleed, and help you hit the perfect 300-yard drive

This is not a story about steroids. But it is about improving your abilities on the playing field. Using technology as sophisticated as any developed in traditional fields of science, athletics companies have designed this equipment to make you better, stronger, faster and healthier. It’s funded by absurd amounts of money and validated by the best athletes in the world. And if you’re lucky, it will be sitting in your gym bag soon.

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Frugal Mogul

This Hollywood-grade camera is priced for the backyard, not the back lot

Although high-def camcorders shoot incredible detail, they are a far cry from Hollywood gear. But the Red Scarlet, due out later this year, will capture five-megapixel video frames, picking up more than twice the detail of high-def camcorders and rivaling the eight-megapixel flicks that A-list directors are starting to shoot.

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Sweating in a Winter Wonderland

Whether you bike, sled, ski, skate, or surf, here´s the best gear for frolicking in the cold

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The Seafood Bandage

A new powder made from shrimp stops serious bleeding-fast

Launch the slideshow to learn how the seafood bandage works.

When it comes to war wounds, red is dead. Stop the bleeding, and you save the soldier. It´s a simple idea that´s driving a budding industry for fast-acting blood-clotting agents.

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Cellphones With Seoul

Senior editor Mike Haney visits Samsung's South Korean headquarters and tempts us with photos of ultracool Asian gadgets. Launch photo gallery

Click here to launch the slideshow.

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The Goods: July 2006

Need some high-tech gloves to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome? How 'bout a homing system to keep track of your kids? Find these and more in our rundown of the month´s top products. Launch photo gallery

Launch the slideshow here.

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Control + Shift

A new internal transmission makes it easy to ride hard

In the evolution of ride-over-anything mountain bikes, the ever-vulnerable rear derailleur—that gangly parallelogram that shifts the chain up and down the rear cogs when it´s not clogged with mud or bent by rocks—has been a glaring technical handicap. So GT ( got rid of it. With its $5,000 IT-1, GT moves gear-changing duties to an unsullied haven inside the bike frame, by way of an eight-speed internal transmission.

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Fistful of Browser

Replace your second computer with this portable tablet

Since the dawn of wireless, the roving Google junkie has faced two options: a bulky wireless laptop or a Web-page-cropping PDA. This fall, however, Nokia ( will introduce a palm-size Internet gadget that surfs Web pages in full, albeit scaled-down, glory, anywhere. Measuring three by six inches, the 770 connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth cellphone. Think of it as a $350 replacement for that second PC.

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Italian Hardbody

An automotive designer best known for building sports cars shifts gears to invent a safer subcompact

Pint-size cars are the practical option in European cities, whose streets seem to be designed for wheelbarrows, but they come up short on safety. Keenly aware of this dilemma, Milan-based automotive designer Pininfarina has reconsidered subcompact safety from the inside out with its Nido concept car. Named after the Italian word for â€nest,†Nido refers to the unique design for protecting passengers of this diminutive two-seater (it´s 2.5 feet shorter than a Mini Cooper).

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Ask a Geek: Merlin Mann

Q:What is tagging?

A: Tagging is the act of assigning your own keywords to things online-photos, blog entries, bookmarks-so that you can easily categorize, locate, and share them in the future. One of the best examples is, which lets you save Web bookmarks to a page on the site instead of to a file stashed away on your computer. This way, you can access them from anywhere and let other people see what sites you like.

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