New Space Telescope Could Search for Both Exoplanets and Dark Energy

Europe's proposed Euclid mission would use a microlensing technique to hunt both ET and dark energy

Dark Energy Hunter: Europe's Euclid space telescope could pick up on distorted light from distant galaxies, and pick up clues on the existence of dark energy.  S. Colombi (IAP), CFHT Team
Dark energy may not have much in common with aliens, unless there's a flotilla of freaky monoliths out there with really weird physical properties. But astrophysicists hope to build a two-in-one space telescope that can search for signs of dark energy along with exoplanets.

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Why do Aliens Hate Radivoje Lajic?

A Belgrade man says his house gets bombarded by meteorites; wonders who is to blame

Radivoje Lajic thinks aliens don't like him. The Bosnian man says his home has been hit by meteorites no less than five times. He took the rocks to experts at Belgrade University, who confirmed that they are the real thing. But they haven't been able to verify that Lajic did anything to anger the extraterrestrials, or that he's the target of some extra-planetary prank. Still, Lajic seems sure this isn't just a coincidence.

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Signs of Life Found Orbiting an Exoplanet–Sort of

The possible detection of methane in the atmosphere of a distant planet could be the next big step in the search for life outside our solar system

Everyone seems to be double-extra-cautiously optimistic about this finding, so dont go running out to your telescope tonight looking for greetings from friendly space creatures.

But in work reported today in Nature, astronomers say they used the Hubble Space Telescopes infrared imager to pick up signs of methane in the atmosphere of a Jupiter-sized planet orbiting a star some 63 million light years from Earth. And methane, an organic molecule, is an indicator of the possible presence of life.

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