Report: Honda to Launch Hybrid Motorcycle by 2011

Will volatile gas prices and global-warming concerns cause trickle-down adoption of hybrid tech?

Honda Motorcycles Logo: Honda Motor Company

Earlier this month, Japanese media reported Honda and Yamaha were each planning a line of electric motorcycles by 2010. The new bikes, which reports say can travel up to 60 miles on a charge, will use lithium-ion batteries for power. Now, word from Japan's Mainichi news service is Honda is also planning new gas-electric hybrid motorcycles.

According to a report, the planned hybrid motos would employ a similar hybrid-drive system as the one used in Honda's hybrid cars like the Civic and upcoming Insight sedan. The two-wheeled hybrids will reportedly come in engine displacements of between 200 cc and 1,000 cc and see fuel-efficiency gains of 50 percent over traditional motorcycles. Production cost savings would come from using common hybrid components in both cars and motorcycles.

[via Mainichi Daily News]


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